What is “Tanchi?”


Con la tanchi original – Tia Daisy

Were an Orgullosumente (proud) lineage of tanchis.

Tanchi emerged from my dear tia Daisy who my Papa Santos nicknamed years ago because she is so small. In Spanish, tanchi is short for ‘tan chiquitia’ and is slang for ‘very small one.’ In reference to being petite.

When I told my Mama Sonia about my idea to start this blog, she immediately began to tell me her woes with the life of being a tanchi.  “Oh Mija, when I go to the department stores, I don’t like the clothes, there’s often such a limited selection and also ugly.” La Bella Tanchi was inspired by the women in my family.

As the Tallest in my Family

I stand at a towering 5’3 with about a size 6/8. My Mama Sonia is 4’11, and Tia Daisy is 4’9 (she swears 5’0). We’re not exactly the industry protype – that is 6’4 and no curves allowed. I very proud of my roots and for being sassy and curvatious! Nevertheless, it still qualifies me for being a petite and makes shopping and dressing myself a challenging endeavor.

The Importance of Being Tanchi (or Earnest)

The Importance of Being Earnest, A Trivial Comedy for Serious People is a play by Oscar Wilde inspiring this blog’s voice by Tanya Rivas.  It unveils, The Importance of Being Tanchi, A Trivial Spanglish Comedy for Serious Tanchis (who want great style for their bodies). As much as I love my seamstress, Mrs. Lee, I didn’t expect to have to budget for alterations as much as I do. I drop a fortune in making clothes look right or spend hours looking for clothes for my short, curvy body. I also didn’t expect to meet so many other petite women that shared the distress I have, or find great products and companies that are branching to cater to us women. This blog celebrates tanchiness and the tales of how we make it in this world, to share our woes and create a hub stop in dressing the la bella tanchi mujer. Thanks for reading and hope you stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “What is “Tanchi?”

  1. Banana Republic has a whole petite line! I had never seen petites in a store before I started working there in high school. I look forward to your posts and following your blog Tanya 🙂

    -Bianca at The Inbetween Girls

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