Rebel without a Cause Part 2: Saying no to sequins on NYE

Sometimes you just need to say NO to sequins on NYE. I feel like sequins can be an excuse for NYE in the way that skimpy lingerie costumes are for Halloween. I enjoyed Bianca’s post from Theinbetweengirls on saying no to sequins this NYE. I related to her comments about sequins sometimes being over the top. Bianca presented some great ideas for dressing on NYE using polvore. She had some great “pulls” featured (including the sequin garments) that almost made me want to abort my jumpsuit attire. I seldom come across designers using sequins and keeping it classy. But when they do, it’s a ‘eureka’ moment. One of my favorite pieces I own is all black sequin peplum top by bebe that is very curvy tanchi friendly. The fabric is comfortable (considering its sequins) because it’s not unbearably itchy and the form is flattering which I have a hard time coming across with peplum tops.

I had to just say no last year. I was going for a “disco ball” look and gave it a try last NYE by ordering a dress from KamiShade (as I love to support local designers) totaling $75.50. A peeve of mine is strict return policies and paying for shipping but I did think the dress would be worthwhile. When it arrived I was not a fan of the dress. My imagined “disco ball” look resembled more on an actual disco ball with the dress of tacky and low quality sequins. I was afraid if I sat down the dress would “crunch” on me and that I would also deflect light. The garment was uncomfortable–itchy and completely unflattering. (Surprising since the form of the dress is typically one that does flatter a tanchi curvy body because it hides the panza). This dress however even had that issue, the dress was so short that merely walking around in my apartment, the dress was revealing too much– not the way to keep it classy in San Diego. Perhaps a larger size would have helped with this, but it was no so much a size issue as it was in poor pattern making and fabric choice.


In addition the fabric cut made the colors completely different than what was pictured when I ordered. The one pictured was pink on top and gold on the bottom, the one sent to me was pink/purple on the bottom and gold on top – making for a different dress. Upon contacting customer service with the predicament, they said blatantly it had to do with how the fabric was cut, therefore making for the different look. (I’m aware now I would like my money back). Store credit was the only option I was given though and since I have not been able to trek to Los Angeles to try on dresses since I would rather not pay shipping charges and risk more store credit issuing. 1 star out of 5 for poor product quality and customer service. My disco ball vision has since been postponed.


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