Pretty Please..Neon in the workplace.

Some think it’s unusual to wear jeans in the workplace and can’t wait until “Casual Fridays,” but what about the idea of wearing neon in the workplace? Neon is bright and fun, and when designers’ lines can pull off making neon for beyond the raging attire, I’m impressed and feel impulsive. It was hard to hold back during last year’s Black Friday extravaganza, and not purchase every neon piece Express came out with in their released collection, especially at 50% off! I scored some great neon items to wear at work, but I didn’t stop there.


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I’m a big fan of supporting local businesses, I dabbled upon Pretty Please, a boutique in Hillcrest, San Diego with reasonably priced fashion finds. I’m a fan of boutique shopping – that is, the stores that don’t clone the callajones of downtown Los Angeles and simply jack up the price. My experience is typically positive of all boutiques I’ve encountered thus far because the sales girls tend to spend more time with customers. The outcome from these boutiques is that you don’t have to worry about showing up to an event wearing the same item that another petite spotted at Forever 21. I met store manager of Pretty Please, Calli Mankedick, who is a petite herself! I scored a great dress that fits so well and doesn’t even need alternations to the shoulders. That is because this classical white and black blocked day dress has straps that are held up with nautical black rope and one can adjust accordingly to one’s torso $49. LOVE!


The two other great finds were neon workplace items. The first, a pretty yellow/green neon dress (go figure–the boutique name has pretty in it) that was on sale for 50% off, but not my size unfortunately. Great when topped off with a navy blazer or cardigan for the office. I did ask the shop owner if she typically carried feminine neon items and assured me it typically arrives for summer. The second was a shirt I purchased, fresh in stock, still on the stockroom rack– a sheer pink collared button shirt with neon pink bleeding up from the bottom for the price of $29 and oh so comfortable! I’m on the quest for more neon workplace attire and overall pretty items for my curated closet. Can’t wait to come back to Pretty Please!



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