This pipe is not a fad, This bag is not fad, and neither is this tanchi briefcase

René Magritte, The Treachery of Images, 1928-29

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René Magritte, The Treachery of Images, 1928-29

In 1948 Longchamp became a maker of smoking pipes. Today Longchamp’s signature product is a smart shoulder bag–that for young professionals is like the new black Kate Spade – all the rage in NYC. Longchamp sells over 300 million of their bags a year, I’ve ironically positioned myself to not be one of three million, but not because I still don’t want one.


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I came so close to purchasing my bag, but made a stop at bebe (my obsession) beforehand their event, ‘Girls Night Out.’ I found a bag a little more than the Lonchamp’s price range but a definite signature to any young female professional closet.

I’m a lover of the Longchamp brand. It opened its first doors on Hong Kong’s Canton Road, the fourth-most expensive street in the world back in November 2012. Even with is new global position, the bag remains a decently and appropriately priced bag for its quality, a girl on a budget has to save for such items even if it is a staple. (I have come a long way from my using canvas totebag days).

What does this have to do with the tanchi? The bebe bag is part of the 2012 holiday collection and looks like a petite version of a briefcase. Its functionality and aesthetic reminisce what I consider the next Longchamp or Kate Spade bag for the young professional girl. And like Mr. Cassegrain, Lonchamp brand’s president, has quoted that he thinks the Longchamp bag “is not a fad” and reminisces Magritte’s, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” French for “This is not a pipe,” I declare this petite briefcase not a fad also.

In fact, this season, Micheal Kors released a Hamilton tote similar to my bebe treasure, but at the Michael Kors price of $329.99. The perks of this bag are its price and quality value, which can always be found with bebe products. It is made of genuine beautiful tan leather and its most imperative feature is its size. Like a briefcase, it is not meant to carry what the Longchamp tote can. It does however fit an ipad like most large bags, but also a laptop WITH a case around it, which is commonly what I have trouble finding in other bags. In addition it can fit my pencil bag, glasses case, writing portfolio pad, and other essential purse items. For $225 (minus the $25 dollar-off promotion) I look smart and sassy on the job. I have yet to see the bag sell online but it can be found at some bebe stores. It’s a worthwhile investment making for the perfect petite briefcase-like bag for the bella tanchi. A+ for durability, aesthetic, and utility.

La Bella Petite Briefcase brought to you by Bebe:



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