Rain in San Diego…Week 3

Before I discovered Wellies, rainy days consisted of the bottom of my pants getting soaked, black flats stretching out, and having uncomfortably cold ankles. Last year, I joined the Wellies bandwagon when my friend Emily wore a perfect yellow plaid printed pair to work. So smart. Today, I pride myself on being one of the few San Diegans who wears Hunter Wellies. Because I wasn’t already weird enough, now when the raindrops start to fall, I not only get excited for my free car wash, but also getting to wear my green Hunter wellies (the term sounds so much more delicious than plain old ‘rain boots’). I went on a quest and scored a pair for the holidays in addition to Welly socks—which keep the toes cozy. I bought them in my regular size, but a tip for anyone out there in the market for wellies, buy a half size larger. The plush sock takes away some of the foot space and if you’re a curvier petite or have the body residue of playing soccer for 9 years, your calves have a little muscle on them. Even with this sizing caution, I’m a fan of Wellies because their petite friendly. There lighter than a boot, can grip on slippery surfaces and the assortment and quality of Welly socks available make it fun to dress up the boots.


Image from Nordstrom.com

A Nordstrom ad claims there are 136 ways to dress them, and they even come in neon –I feel a challenge coming on!


Image from Talkshoes.com

I purchased the navy fleece welly socks to accent my ‘original tall’ green Hunter boots. Also the buffering spray for welly maintenance for $12. I’m saving up for the next set of beige colored Hunter socks that look like the pattern of a cable sweater for $40. Sidenote: They should really make the socks in neon!


Wellies are great even if it only rains nasty in San Diego about one week out of the year, but for that one week my pants don’t get all wet and feet don’t have to squish around in my shoes all day. And yet here we are on week 3 of drizzling rain, and the spring showers haven’t even come yet. The boot is a for sure something to invest in. I bought mine for $135 at Bloomie’s, but can also be found at Zappos and Nordstrom’s along with other shoe vendors. However, when it comes to Wellies and comfort it’s hard to buy a lesser quality rain boot. I had a black pair with hot pink polka dots back in the day from Anchor blue, which cost about $30 and wore them maybe once. They were not comfortable. In fact, I felt like I was working too hard at picking up my feet and the grip was horrible. I’ll persist on being a pioneer of sporting Wellies in San Diego, but rest assured the day I make it to London or a rainy day on the east coast, I’ll totally fit in.


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