Once Upon a Time… Brands were Bad

Growing up, my dad used to complain about how we kids would buy Nike when it was merely for the brand name. Love my dad to pieces, but essentially it brought me up to think of “brands” as though they were this evil thing trying to trick me to spend unnecessary loads of money. Not to say there aren’t brands that aren’t overpriced and under quality, but it would take some time before I would venture to my favorite stores and designers–like my all-time favorite Ted Baker and my staple Bebe. My dad’s influence on my style is massive, especially him growing up in my grandmother’s home that doubled as a fashion house in El Salvador. (Don’t let the French know I’ve coined my Mama Luz’s couture dress-making and fashion designing practice for this – they’ve got dibs on fashion house terminology.)

My dad’s consciousness of brands brought me to measure brands based on their price point value. I don’t fall into the trap of overspending on items for merely their logo because I’m more concerned with qualities like timeless aesethetic, durability, and multiple occasion use for example. In fact, according to an article from Business Insider on the plummeting sales of luxury shoes and handbags – it quotes Teri Agins at the Wall Street Journal who similarly thinks the days should come to an end of spending thousands for a logo.

My dad is by far one of the smartest people in this world! …Yes I’m biased, but in all honesty, this man could tell anything from the meaning of life, to explaining complicated concepts in physics, teaching me the arts, and also fashion. I got kind of lucky with him, and whether going out clubbing, dressing for work, really any occasion he’s a go to for fashion and styling advice. Happy Birthday to my favorite dad, Roberto Rivas.

Te quiero muchisimo!

mafaldaMafalda by Quino


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