Night Clubs are Living Runways


The clubs are like runaways of real girls wearing their best and are some of the trendiest and stylish pieces I’d come across. When I first started going out, I marveled and looked at my own clothes; I was determined to find dresses that were just as head-turning.

To quote Alicia Bridges from the 70s, “I love the nightlife, I like to boogy” whether its chill jazz lounge bars, trendy clubs bringing in house music talent from around the world, or art exhibition openings – I love to be anywhere that gives me an excuse to dress up.

I love dresses! I probably own too many of them and find them to be my greatest weakness. I have dresses for just about any occasion, including farmers’ market shopping, family get-togethers, and of course, clubbing.

I remember when I first ventured into the club scene I hadn’t really dabbled with shopping for a ‘raging’ wardrobe. I didn’t really own dresses outside of dressing for work, and for clubbing, resorted to some simple miniskirts and lose tops – in my typical palette of black and white of course. No real accessories, I owned one purple clutch and still can’t believe I wore summer wedges those first nights out. Aside from how stimulating I found the club experience to be–the light shows, the personalities housed, and of course the spins from the DJs – my favorite part of it all was getting to see lots and lots of dresses.

Like the fashion nerd I am, in the middle of sick drops by DJs, I would ask girls where they got their dresses. They came from everywhere, some popular places were bebe, American Apparel, shops in Melrose, and so many more. One I remember is a $50 Sweetheart Two-Toned Mini Dress in Coral Ice and Nude from American Apparel. It’s overpriced for its quality (and much of AA garments are but they are known for being more socially responsible) unfortunately, did not look good with my curves. It looked stunning on this girl wearing it though and prompted a great discussion in which she pointed out it was fun dress because the black on black version was so popular and she stood out with the hot pink. Agreed.

American apparel Sweetheart Dress

Since then I’ve been on the lookout for dresses that are out of the norm black palette. This one in particular is one of my latest findings brought to you by bebe. I name my dresses in the way men name their cars and boats. I call it my “Alice in Wonderland 3-D flower dress” because it is reminds me of the décor at Syrah Wine Parlor that is based on Alice in Wonderland.

The dress is a white rosette strapless dress that was purchased on clearance for $60.60, originally $89.99 and also includes a snap satin black belt embellished with a black bow at the center. It cinches at the waist but does heavens for hiding the panza because of the texture. I plan to fancy it up with some romantic like accessories like a headband, patterned tights, and black Mary Jane shoes, or with a black lace pump peep toe and rhinestone heel (yes, also bebe). Although not a daring color, the 3-D quality made from ruffled chiffon makes for a daring texture – making for the a-typical bodycon dress. Daring also because I’m at risk of having my roses painted red.

bebe rosette strapless dress

Typically as a tanchi, nightlife dresses aren’t too complicated to shop for in terms of sizing, perhaps that’s part of why I love dresses so much. It’s actually a lot of fun. I own many different styles, colors, fabrics, and all flatter a different part of my body. My go to still hails bebe.

Although the 3D flower dress is no longer available here are some other dresses currently available at that I tried on in store. I’ve selected Alice in Wonderland themed dresses that are great dresses for the night out in town (especially to Syrah Wine Parlor).

“Alice going raging in neon dress”

Image from

Image from


This is a rendition of Alice letting her down and going raging in San Diego. The dress is a simple great cut selling for $129. Click on the dress to see images of the back – it is open and also has black fabric straps similar to the cartoon Alice image above. All you would need left with this dress is a black belt, some glowsticks and Rayban ragers!

“A Date Night w/ Cheshire Cat 3-D dress”

bebe ruffle halter satin dress

Halters are great for tanchis and although the usually require an alteration, it is only a simple and inexpensive pinch on the top strap. Sometimes I use dental floss to pull it up and cover it with my hair when I don’t have time for a quick alteration. It’s an incredibly flattering dress with the 3-D flower aesthetic great for going out and also for a wedding/bridesmaid dress as well. On sale 40% off from $139.

The “Queen of Hearts dress” (literally showcasing the heart).



At first I didn’t think this would be fit or flare (Ponte Fit & Flare Dress), but I try on anything bebe stylist Geoffrey recommends. To my surprise I actually needed a size XS and the dress it one of the most flattering “little black dresses” I’ve ever tried on. The red (crimson) version is a great combination with black and also reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts’ dress from Alice in Wonderland. I was concerned that it would only be great for going out because of the long v-neck mesh plunge. However trying it on with some undergarments like bralettes and camis gives it a different sophistication. Great heavy textile and construction, it hides the panza so effortlessly. It’s very form fitting up top and the skirt starts slightly above the natural waist. It’s super sexy classy. Great for keeping is sexy classy in San Diego for $119.

Last but not least,

The “Going Down the Rabbit Hole Sequin Vegas Dress”


I want this dress for Vegas. A city for the ultimate living runways in nightclubs. The sequins are eye catching but yet again with bebe, they keep sequins classy. The “scrunchy” look of the dress hides the panza and the lines create a flattering shape and silhouette. It’s strapless so no alterations are needed. It’s a fun fun dress. Caution: The black fabric is shiny satin like and is not so stretchy which makes the dress run small. I sized up for this dress to a M. Currently an additional 30% off is being applied ot the sale price of $74.99 (originally $149.00)

A little throw back, watch “Painting the Roses Red”


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