It takes a team to dress this Tanchi: meet the Stylists of Bebe


This is the place to go to try things for your body because you have support and knowledgeable stylists there to help you find the right pieces (and more). They can tell you stories about the clothing, not just the price and what goes with it. For example, I tried on this great black gown with metallic accents on the textile and it didn’t fit properly because of my tanchi frame. It brought out a story about a former petite that used to style at bebe. She too had to constantly pin and tuck clothing. A moment of solidarity with my tanchi issues at bebe.

Being a stylist in my eyes is a dream job. They are basically unleashing the inner child of young girl or gay man (and straight males too). Stylists come in all shapes and sizes. There’s nothing like great customer service, and Geoffrey and Farah at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego are customer service stylist aficionados. I have visited many bebes of over the years, and by far they’re my favorites to date. They’re enthusiastic about everything in the store and about dressing bodies. They listen to what the customer wants and then add some treats to your pile, especially pieces I would never pick out myself and end up falling in love with – I love that about bebe.

Like many other petites I have talked to, including my favorite illustrator of all time, Sara Schwartz, who specializes in kitschy illustrations, “I’m a petite myself and stick to basics.” Sara and I share this strategy because I too have an array of basics: about 10 different versions of white and black shirts with sparing specialty pieces and colors. I have to say, any other piece outside of my current palette is credited to bebe.

The impact of my bebe experience didn’t hit me till this morning when I reached for my slick black Guess skinny jeans and with recent weight loss and new shape, can no longer wear the Guess jean brand (weird). But right there were my new bebe signature stretch black skinny denim pants to wear to work this morning. I put them on and they felt heavenly, looked heavenly and it felt so great to have a staple in my closet that hugs my body just the right way. Superficial as this fairytale sounds, this love story of a tanchi girl falling in love with a black pair of skinny jeans, there’s nothing like loving the body you have and finding clothes that make you love it even more.



2 thoughts on “It takes a team to dress this Tanchi: meet the Stylists of Bebe

  1. Being a tanchi can be irritating at times.. Actually I won’t lie.. All the times. You can’t just run to the store and buy something to wear right away it needs to get altered. Ahhhhh.. Good blog Tanya, thanks for allowing the voices of the tanchis to be heard. 😉

    • Jessica–I had a thought that the whole baggy sweater trend of late came from tanchis just getting fed up of not finding anything–we all just started wearing things that looked bigger–little did we know, everyone wanted to be just like us! 🙂

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