Roxy, Quicksilver, and Billabong need to get with the times

Mafalda by Quino

(Yes, I know I should lose weight, but I hate to lose.)

Tanchis surf too you know! I love the Roxy, Quicksilver and Billabong brands but they really don’t make clothes for the curvy girl that surfs and snowboards. I usually have to size up when ordering my post surf fleeces and board shorts with their summer gear for example I get sizes L and XL. Their sandals are great, no complains on their gear, but when it comes to wetsuits, size is imperative and I would like Roxy, Quicksilver, and Billabong to get with the times – tanchi girls surf too.

I bought my first wetsuit years ago and over the years I have fluctuated in size. I really only now am having issues with my wetsuit because I have thinned out and don’t have my usual curves to fill out the suit the way it used to (I still have my beloved panza though). It is a size 8, which is true to my size but it now is two inches to long on the legs and arms and it’s tight around my panza area still with a gap in the area below. Wetsuits aren’t really something you can take the seamstress so this makes for a predicament. There is a lot of “technology” is considered when making wetsuits because it has to take into consideration factors like durability from water movement (waves) and temperature. San Diego particularly has cold waters year around, I don’t dare go in the peak winter months between December till February, though, especially since I am a friolenta (sensitive to cold). Wetsuits as are very revealing, not meant to hide anything unflattering by any means. Till then, I’ll just have to keep surfing as is. I absolutely cannot wait for the day a tanchi wetsuit comes out and look good in the ocean.


Mafalda by Quino


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