Chilling in the Treehouse…Swiss Family Robinson Style.

If I had to be cast away on a deserted island, forced to build and live in a tree house, I’d want to dress in my new sale items from Anthropologie and make my tree house lifestyle as chic as this:

Image from

Anthropologie is not a tree house, but certainly has that storybook timelessness and a rustically elegant quality. Each and every store has its own take on the lifestyle it sells – selling a lifestyle at the forefront which has contributed to its success. I used to take field trips to 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California back in high school to visit the 2 story Anthropologie store. I’d stay in the store for a whole hour before getting to the clothing. I lived in Palmdale, CA at the time – you won’t find extraordinary or unique interior design there and certainly won’t draw inspiration from galleries or museums because they’re nonexistent. When I discovered Anthropologie, I found the interior breath taking, I remember particularly loving the stairs – they look scuffed, but beneath the surface revealed colored tiles. Every detail was examined. Even now I marvel at the store design and nowadays make it to the clothing too.


The clothes at Anthropologie are timeless. What I love about Anthropologie is it doesn’t go on to replicate the trends in the way Forever 21 or other mainstream retailers might. The clothing I encountered recently reminded me of the Swiss Family Robinson tree house, but with a little more color pizazz as are some other Polyvore creations I’ve come across.

Swiss Family Robinson tree house polyvore on disneybound

Image from

They are excellent thematic interpretations and style choices I have found especially on Disneybound blog and this polyvore collage.

Polyvore is an amazing style concept website that allows you to compile ideal outfits with a theme twist. Like in education, were taught as teachers that themes are an effective way to teach and similarly, I think themes make shopping fun and profitable for retailers. I met Esther, the store manager at Anthropologie in Fashion Valley, and it turns out she came from a museum background – the museum I currently work at actually. (No surprise there especially since blog posts for the next few days will feature an Unconscious and Best-kept Collaboration: museums and fashion.) I purchased a book, Cabinet of Curiosities and it prompted a discussion on how Anthropologie is not necessarily a trend follower but more of its own trend – making for one of a kind style that really isn’t found elsewhere. They are “timeless pieces” she mentioned and I suddenly realized the one Anthropologie shawl I own, and have had for 5 years, I wear often and is in perfect condition.

For price point value, Anthropologie scores high and you’re winning at life if you can score these pieces at sale prices. I remember my fellow roommates/teachers and I used to come home ecstatic to share our Anthropologie sale finds. A lot of their stuff is not within the price range of a starting teacher salary, unfortunately, but they’re still great pieces to “ooo” and “aww” at. Since it is the post-holiday season, Anthropologie is having a sale. * A tip: There website sale is not a reflection of what you can find in store. I really recommend trekking to the actual store for sale items.

The first items I encountered are this black leaf embroidered peplum shirt and 3/4 sleeve pink ruffle tiered shawl. They have that nature/fem feel and the pink garment reminisces Mrs. Robinson’s Victorian style dress in this scene:

(C) Credit: Swiss Family Robinson, 1960

As the story goes, the family is shipwrecked after a great storm and they explore the island, leading to discoveries about the various plants and animals. Eventually they build a large tree house with a library (ultimate bookcation).

anthropologie black leaf embroidered peplum shirt

The black leaf embroidered peplum shirt is a size 10, the size 8 fit better on the shoulders but was tight around the panza. The construction of the shirt does wonders for panza coverage but with the size 10 and a shoulder adjustment, it gives the panza a little more room. It has small leaf cut-outs and beautiful contrasting white and beige thread embroidering the leaf pattern. Originally $69.95, I snagged it for $39.96.

The pink shawl is elegantly draped — a sure staple. The back tier resembles a Victorian style coat tail jacket. Originally $88 and purchased at $29.95 in a size M.

anthropologie pink tiered shawl

I plan to wear the shawl with a non- sale item I picked up, this green and white safari like shirt also listed as their Charleston Henley Peasant Blouse for $68.

swiss family robinson inspired style

It has two front pockets (love pockets) and other subtle details giving an unlikely subtle elegance and femininity to the garment.


The shirt is loose and goes great with any bottom (shorts, skirt, pants), can be worn to work or as casual wear. It is multi-purpose and multi-season. It does need a slight alteration (the usual) on the shoulder. Overall not very tanchi friendly but for the price, and aesthetic (and with a simple alternation) the picking is worthwhile and flattering.

To top it off, I picked up a great accessory — an understated earring. A Diadem Rose Post in the color mint for $28.

anthropologie diadem rose post

Now all that’s left is to pack my bags with tree house attire and spend my days reading books. The dream will happen (someday).


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