Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres with Nubry at Neiman Marcus

“Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres.” (Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are). This is my mother’s favorite dicho (proverbs expressing universal truths) and she couldn’t have been more right – I’ve been mingling with the San Diego Style Bloggers, and I’ve become one of them! However, there is a caveat to just how right mom’s can be (even though they pretty much are always right). This is because this past Saturday for the CUSP Neiman Marcus Spring event at Fashion Valley Mall, I got a chance to meet the lovely hosts Britt and Gretchen Hackmann of Nubry. I couldn’t have felt more tanchi next to these gorgeous style bloggers!

San Diego Style Bloggers

This casual event was my first trip to Neiman Marcus, where the sisters styled customers and we enjoyed refreshments, snacks and even a photo booth. They had fantastic dresses on with a floral&car print, shoulder sequins, and bright spring colors. Also at the event was Jennifer C. of Malcriada (Thanks for the photo!) and Vanessa of Fashion Mixtape. Neiman Marcus is typically out of my price range – my department stores are typically Nordstroms and Bloomie’s. However, it’s fun to look through the selection on the floor and the website because there are some gorgeous pieces! I’m looking forward to browsing new arrivals in the coming seasons.

CUSP Nubry Neiman Marcus Event

For the event I wore a brand new lace stitched asymmetrical sweater from Ann Taylor ($68 purchased on sale for $51). A day of many firsts, this sweater is also my first petite purchase from Ann Taylor. I’ve have been wanting to try out their petite apparel line for some time and I have to say it was a pleasant experience; I love the fit of this sweater! A petite garment makes all the difference, this one hides the panza and there is no tailoring necessary. I love the delicate lace fabric and plan to style it with neon camis underneath. It’s a perfect canvas for showcasing statement jewelry. The necklaces I wore are a mix of coral and turquoise – all purchased from street vendors in Beijing.

Congrats to Britt and Gretchen for hosting such a great event! These ladies are kicking butt and doing it while supporting local businesses. Catch them on San Diego Channel 6 speaking on local San Diego boutiques. They did a pull for St. Patrick’s day wear and yesterday in San Diego, I saw some great fashion from ladies – definitely took notes for my outfit next year! Keep Calm and Shamrock on!

Tomorrow will start a weeklong feature: Downton Abbey Steam Punk Vintage Attire in collaboration with Court of MadameXVintage. Keeping it classy San Diego to Stay Classy!


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