From Columnist to Editor featuring Edith: Downton Abbey Steam Punk Vintage Attire

Mafalda by Quino

This is what happens when Mafalda has had enough with the current state of the news, and she goes Si Se Puede! mode. It’s essentially going “I am Women Hear Me Roar” – a song celebrating female empowerment, and essentially the anthem in 1970’s women’s liberation movement. However, Mafalda is 6 years old and according to London Edwardian society, Edith Crawley hasn’t tied the knot yet and so doesn’t quite fit into the “woman” category.
Mafalda and Edith have this in common. Edith also read the paper at brunch and decided she’d had enough. She would write to the paper and give them her piece of mind on the current state of women. (She forgot to raise her arm and shout Si Se Puede! – but then again she’s so English and so proper.) But it landed her a job as a columnist for the newspaper – so 1st amendment and so WW1 women going into the workforce.


Credit: (C) Carnival Film & Television Limited 2012 for MASTERPIECE

At this rate, Edith will be “wearing the pants”, on-the-clock, and going Editor on us. She’s on her way as she’s already wearing a more simple hat and collars on her coat and blouse – making for a sharp and professional work-force look as opposed to the usual gown and flowery headpieces she’s in when lounging around the home.

Credit: (C) Carnival Film & Television Limited 2012 for MASTERPIECE

In this look – we used oh so steam punk gadgets and incorporated a vintage coast guard pocket watch (they couldn’t just double up on time telling and cellphones), and metal brooches (similar find here – Steampunk Movement Pendant by VintageRecreated). Here are some great pocket watch finds: Quartz Pocket Watch Black Chrome Pocket Watch Pendant and U.S. Coast Guard Pocket Watch with Chain. She runs around in black glitter pointy flats, a more masculine type of hat and high-waist, black slacks (flattering for the panza) from bebe. We’ve topped off the look with a Gap navy vest (similar here – Gap Grey Wool Herringbone Vest) and a vintage, cream colored blouse with ribbon trim and lots of delicate detail.

Lady Edith inspired style

Lady Edith vintage steam punk inspired style

Downton Abbey inspired style

Downton Abbey vintage steam punk inspired style

Already as a columnist, she’s becoming quite the rule breaker in the Crawley family going against the family’s wishes for her to write for the paper. What will she share her viewpoints on next? So far, she’s helped with post rehabilitation of World War 1 soldiers, and is transforming into a working woman – what will become of this future editor in the making?

Crossing genders, crossing the old with the new, curating style and curating life – the way of the tanchi.


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