Pardon My Fur: Downton Abbey Steam Punk Vintage Attire

Pardon my fur because fur is a hot topic in the fashion world. I remember once when I was 12 years old, in New York City, seeing a protest outside Neiman Marcus against fur. Truthfully, I’m not sure about which side I stand on in this issue – more research is required on my end. I have seen fur skillfully and artfully used by Isaac Mizarhi, for example, in the documentary Unzipped – showcasing how Eskimo culture inspired his fur based collection. Ironically making an appearance in the film is supermodel Christy Turlington (half Salvadoran) who has taken a stance on fur. She photographed in the nude back in 1993 for a PETA anti-fur campaign. I won’t stand on the fur political soapbox for too long, but I will say that I do wonder if we learned to respect ALL living things – animals, plants, etc. maybe we could then translate that to respecting each other including our own self-images (interjecting with love for the panza and fellow tanchis).

Martha Levinson

Getty Images

On a lighter note, Cora’s mother, Martha Levinson, is moving ever so nonchanantly with her air in baroque print, extravagant hat, glove use, and cozy fur. Edwardian folk are all about extravagance, exaggeration, and the grandiose.

Fur today in our Downton Abbey Steam punk Vintage inspired look is styled like this:

Martha Levinson inspired style

A vintage cream colored lace top with beautiful details including trims and ribbon – high collared of course. Bringing back the black bling beads (everyone in the house wears them) for a necklace, more gadgets with a brass glove holder of small hands clasping (similar here – Vintage Figural Ladies Hand Glove Purse Clip), and holding purple suede like gloves (similar here – Vintage Purple Gloves Leather and Suede also Vintage Purple Gloves Suede Lined. The purple compliments the golden vintage Phillip Lim, sunflower metallic-print skirt. Last, but not least is the fur. The fur items soon to be on sale at Madame X Vintage – are curious. The pieces were originally rummaged in Ohio – which explains why they are real and still have the heads on them. These are great, luxurious, cozy pieces – accenting a great outfit for a visit to the Downton Abbey House.Currently TionDesign has some great finds in her etsy shop.

I can’t talk about attire for Downton Abbey without including the fur. These pieces are remnants of fashion in history and practical for colder climates like Ohio – not to mention for looking chic without the Edwardian attributes. Pardon my fur – but I’m heading to Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey vintage steam punk inspired style

Downtown Abbey inspired style


4 thoughts on “Pardon My Fur: Downton Abbey Steam Punk Vintage Attire

    • Lol it tripped me out at first – such a curious piece! I saw another version at bad madge & company in South Park. My eyes wouldn’t stop wandering because everything was so great! We have to go!

  1. Hi!

    Thanks so much for linking to my gloves – I never would have thought to pair them as you have! I like picking out pieces I think would make a great addition to an outfit or room, but your styling idea opens up a slew of new ideas for me!

    I also share your love/hesitation about fur. I picked up some great pieces a while ago, but haven’t quite decided what to do with them – 2 pelt stoles (complete with heads and paws that I think date to the 20s!!) and a short 50s stole.

    It makes sense that the first step should be to show respect for all living things. Another school of thought (which I find I can agree with) is that owning and caring for vintage fur makes sense — it is already here and someone carefully created it — make the best of it and save it for as long as possible instead of making more of the same!

    In any case, I’m so glad I’ve found your blog, and can’t wait to see what other great gems you find!

    Thanks again!

    • Angela,

      Love the gloves you have in the shop! They are a durable, yet stylish pair and so reasonably priced! The days of hello kitty knit gloves just don’t cut it anymore!

      I hear you on the pelt stoles – they are somewhat of a lost accessory due to a cultural fur stigma and no longer being in trend. In SoCal there is just no reason to wear such a piece because the temperatures get nowhere near those in Indiana. I completely agree with your thoughts on caring for fur – after all it happened. I’m not so quite sold on protesting against it yet – after all I can think of cotton for example. Historically it was once produced in Antebellum south, making “cotton king” with African American slave labor. Does that mean we should protest the fabric of our lives?

      That’s a new tangent and different materiality of course! But thanks for reading Angela!

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