Bugs, Beer, San Diego, After Hours, Menagerie, Kumeyaay, and Zara

So many hashtags, so little time…but ultimately making for a masterful curation.

This week I’m curating a museum-going wardrobe to various San Diego museums and openings inspired by their collections. The pulls are majorly from the new 2013 Zara Spring Look book with a touch of Gap and Bebe (of course). Zara is my newest obsession! I wanted to buy everything I saw in the look book!

I love look books, catalogues, editorials from fashion magazines, and whatever else is used to create photographs having an ambiance and merchandise creating visual stories. People collect trading cards, antiques, etc. I collect catalogues – here is my pile of Anthropologie catalogues dating back from 2001.


I’m a fashion nerd and stand by that title; Anthropologie catalogues are my all-time favorite. That is with the exception of the JCPenny holiday catalogue, which used to sell every Barbie known to (wo)man. (you know you looked at it).

Coming up this week I am featuring the San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego History Center, San Diego Zoo, Japanese Friendship Garden, San Diego Museum of Art, Museum of Photographic Arts, Mingei International Museum, Botanical Garden, and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Inspired the Refinery29 which featured 4 Gasp-Worthy Getups Inspired By L.A.’s Coolest Art Shows!, I’m featuring a wardrobe inspired by some of the coolest San Diego museum collections! Always practicing, tuning, and refining the curation skills needed for a tanchi to dress for life (including her panza.)



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