VIXEN Fashion Blog Launch Party @ Quality Social w/ style that will make mom proud!


I’m a sucker for runway and delicious food. I, along with some San Diego Style Bloggers, couldn’t pass up the recent event at Quality Social in Downtown San Diego this past Wednesday.


VIXEN productions hosted their Fashion Blog Launch Party, an affair they curated with a wonderful blend of music, art, and fashion. I love VIXEN events because they approach their productions as a “curation.” I write about curating methods and tend to approach style and wardrobe in this same manner – it’s the way of the tanchi especially for us who have panzas!




The Pop-Up Boutique featured indie designers such as jewelery designer Artemisa Rivas and vintage attire by Hunt & Gather with great finds! Free giveaways, free hair dos, mini manicures, and free massages! All of this excitement led up to an amazing fashion show, art exhibition, and great spins by the DJ. So much to do and so little time, and I was definitely distracted by the fashion!


My OOTH was of course sporting lots of bebe! I also had on some Steve Madden with black Maryjanes and a black Aqua blazer for the occasion (fashionista must). My bebe wears included a blue and black Houndstooth print, peplum skirt which is great for my panza! This skirt is such a statement piece and so flattering! It’s stretchy and unlined creating a peplum silhouette. I love peplums by bebe, however, they currently do not have the peplum skirt styles for purchase. NastyGal has a similar one for about $25 dollars less than what I paid, but with bebe I know I’m also going to get quality flattering pieces. I’d highly recommend to invest in quality constructed peplums for tops and skirts if you’re a tanchi. I also wore a black bebe blouse with embellished cuff sleeves. The top excites me as a tanchi. One of the typical tanchi problems is “tanchi sleeves” therefore wearing embellished cuff sleeves is difficult. This one, though, fits really well, not to mention a very soft chiffon that drapes in a lovely manner – covering my panza excellently. I know my mom would be proud. Here is a similar find: a Wallis Petite Embellished Cuff Blouse in grey and a knot at the panza making for great coverage.


These are the lovely ladies, Bianca of TheInBetweenGirls, Sara’s Sweet Style, and Nuestro Wonderland. Thanks Bianca for photos!

Can’t wait for the next VIXEN event! – From one fellow curator to another!


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