FWSD Press Conference and a fashionista must: the Blazer

Not just any blazer – not the kind you get for work (too formal), and not to thrifty making it informal enough for many events. The blazer is one that is reasonably priced, versatile for many occasions, has a silky lining and lovely overall quality that will last for a long time.

A girl can have it all, this is my Aqua Boyfriend Blazer, purchased for $68 plus a 20% off discount. back in 2010. I fit a size S or M, but feel more comfortable with a M for a more lax look on the shoulders. This is probably one my most worn staples in my closet – lovely lining and a quality piece. The cut is slimming – great for making this tanchi and look more slender while covering the panza.


I Love Bloomie’s Aqua line! It’s an affordable and elegant style giving your closet’s staples an extra sophistication. I’m all about elegant, simple, and flattering – every Aqua piece I own gives me that. The aqua line is how I was first introduced to Bloomies. It was an instant lover affair – one I would not have entered considering I grew up on JCPennys, Mervyns, and Robinsons May. My favorite of the Aqua pieces are their blazers. I own blazers from bebe and forever 21, but none makes them quite like Aqua. Some of my favorite cuts are the ‘Tomboy’ and ‘Girlfriend.’ I’m saving up for the Tuxedo look. It’s currently unavailable, but I fell in love with the color combo and style when I tried on a similar one last Fall at Emporio Armani.


Last Monday, I worked an event presenting fashion from Fashion Week San Diego designers. For the event I wore my Aqua black blazer, complimented with a black ensemble – my uniform as I ‘m now part of the FWSD team! Last Monday we held a press conference at Roppongi in La Jolla. It’s wonderful to be alongside fellow fashion nerds and emerging designers. Here are snapshots of some of the designers featured this year:









The production was a success and can’t wait to feature more behind the scenes posts on Fashion Week San Diego events! Thanks for the photos Samantha!


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