Bugs and Beer in Museums and Fashion

I’m a nerd of all traits, including one that loves science and merging it with the arts. When I first started working at the San Diego Natural History Museum – I was enamored by the dinosaurs and large spinning globe (map nerd)! I then realized we had something called Entomology, Herpetology, and Marine Invertebrates, to name a few. Like the college educated 20-something I know I am (most of the time), I had to admit I didn’t really know my way around this science talk. In case you didn’t either, here is the breakdown:

Entomology: insects and arachnids with other terrestrial invertebrates (beetles, butterflies, moth, flies, and lacewings)
Herpetology: amphibians and reptiles
Marine Invertebrates: marine invertebrates, emphasizing mollusks and crustaceans

So that’s the science lesson for the day. Now let me tell you why I’m giving a science lesson in a fashion blog. TheNat has a new popular exhibition, Dr. Entomo’s Palace of Exotic Wonders! and it’s all about bugs! And I have the perfect piece to wear for the Bugs and Beer event on May 1st 2013. I’ll get to eat edible insect samplings, view the exhibition, and attend a curator talk, with so much more–including beer tastings! (whoop!) Not quite my cup of tea (since tea is my thing), and not sure why I’m so excited about something I don’t drink, but its great seeing museums do unconventional things!


As for my attire, some skinnies, Zara’s Neon Twill Trousers and a touch of herpetology in the mix with a J.Crew Enameled double-frog bangle. Also, parallel with the bug theme, this shirt by Gap — a Shrunken boyfriend printed shirt either in ladybug print or select lady bugs shadow lime. (Thanks for the suggestion Tara!) And of course, I order it in a petite size (thank you Gap)! Loose around the waist making for tanchi and panza) friendly. A collared button up shirt perfect for keeping classy in San Diego – wearing entomology to sample beer. This is why I love museums and fashion! Stay tuned for more of San Diego museum scene inspired curated attire!


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