After Hours – Art and Flowers are Alive at SDMA

Sounds like an evening of Alice in Wonderland flowery sing-a-longs…

This month, I’m featuring style inspired by San Diego’s art and museum scene. This coming Friday through Sunday at the San Diego Museum of Art, Art Alive is happening – an evening of DJ spins, dancing, cocktails, tantalizing treats and art-making activities. The décor is stunning! The museum is featuring floral art for the signature fundraiser, as an annual floral exhibition. It features more than 100 floral interpretations of famous works and transformation this year by Bella Meyer, granddaughter of artist Marc Chagall, including a floating moss angel, birch forests, and clouds of baby’s breath flowers. Also, part of the event is a screening of floral feature film, Little Shop of Horrors, a floral Class, and an after-party. Put on your floral party hat (because they really do) and indulge in a Alice-like event with flowers everywhere!

With Spring in the air, I couldn’t resist pulling some of my favorite pieces from the Zara Spring 2013 look book that were not just floral but really making flowers come alive. They are not your typical floral pieces which are rampant this Spring season. In fact, I’m that brat that will purposefully not buy floral garments just because it’s Spring. These picks, in particular, are vibrant and unusual in their floral montage making for what I consider wearable floral art. Check out the stunning pieces inspired by the beautiful floral arrangements from the event. A wonderful curation, practicing for the tanchi way (especially for the panza).


Printed Jacquard Top

Flower Print Shorts

Floral Print Top

Printed Shirt

Flower Print Trousers

All that’s left is to enjoy the evening looking as chic and spectacular as the flora décor! Don’t forget as the flowers once revealed in the Wonderland, you can learn a lot from flowers but just don’t get eaten by a Venus Fly Trap!


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