Gatsby Premiere Attire!

For your viewing pleasure: Fergie remix of “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”

Alas The Great Gatsby movie premieres tonight! For anyone showing up in Gatsby attire, here are some great dresses brought to by my love – bebe! Most are tank like – easy on the panza and will make a tanchi 1920s Gatsby chic! Feathers, sequins, art deco – I was born in the wrong era! Enjoy!


Beaded Fringe Dress

Art Deco V-Neck Embellished Silk Dress

Sequin & Bead Tank Dress

Feather Trim Sequin Studded Dress -bebeBLACK

Sleeveless Bead Dress

Art Deco Embellished Shift Dress

Isis Sequin Feather Dress

Sequin & Lace Shift Dress



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