La Bella Tanchi got it from her mama

I got really lucky with my mom because I’m not the easiest daughter to have. To think of what I’ve put my mom through all these years and she never stops loving me.

This Mafalda cartoon explains the relationship I’ve had with Mama Sonia. Mafalda and I have an innate sass problem. In this cartoon, Mafalda questions her mom on why she has to do something, bringing up the fact that they have equivalent titles because she became a ‘daughter’ the same day her mom become a ‘mother.’ This is what my mother’s and my quarrels encompass: her powers of governance clashing with her rebelling free spirit daughter. My sass gets me trouble from time to time, but nothing compares to the heat I take from my mom. Sorry Mom.



Mafalda by Quino

Over the years I’ve nicknamed Mom “la jefa” (boss) and “la general” (the general) in reference to Mama Sonia’s authoritative mom powers. I don’t know how she does it, but she’s always right. I hope to have her mom powers someday because she’s a great mom and a bella tanchi, which I’m very proud to say, I got it from my mama. (Including my panza – thanks a lot mom 😉


La Bella Tanchi Mother’s Day edition is featuring not only this tanchi, but Mama Sonia as well. She is a towering 4’11, stunning woman. She came to visit for Mother’s Day Weekend and we spent a day in Old Town San Diego – the birthplace of San Diego. Mama Sonia, of course, wore a fabulous outfit put together on a shoestring budget. Her top from Marshalls and her bottoms from Ross. I wore a black and white color blocked dress from Pretty Please Boutique in Hillcrest San Diego. I featured it in a previous post, Pretty Please Neon in the Workplace, for it’s fantastic feature of chord straps making it ultra tanchi friendly.


You can see in this close up of the chord. No alterations were needed (that’s a first) because I merely adjust the straps to raise the top portion of the dress.


The A-line of the dress and lining underneath cover the panza. The dress was a semi-bargain because although a cheaper version could have been found at a Forever 21 type store. It is really is well constructed and the lining makes the dress not see-through or a fly away Marilyn Monroe expose. White dresses can be costly if you go too cheap on quality and make. Love this dress – it has pockets! It’s a classic Sunday brunch dress topped off with a black headband and black pointy sparkly shoes from Urban Outfitters (love my black flats!).



So much fun with mom in town, I love my Mama Sonia very much. She’s a beautiful woman and I’m very proud that I got it from my mama. Somos bella tanchis! y que!




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