Coral jewelry: Protection from evil spirits while looking tanchi chic

Thanks for the photo Pete!

Jewelry designer, Nogah Rotstein, is all about family, creating one-of a kind pieces, and using castaway natural materials since 2008. Nogah draws inspiration from her grandmother, Tilly Doro, who for which the jewelry business was named. Tilly Doro loved the idea of ‘reusing’ which now permeates Nogah’s jewelry making practice by using overstock materials, natural materials, and vintage artifacts. My favorite aspect of Nogah’s designs is how her pieces aren’t intentionally designed and crafted to follow trends or traditions. She’s a world traveler and treasure hunter – thus creating jewelry treasures for one’s curated closet.

It’s no wonder her pieces fit so seamlessly in a curated closet – she approaches her jewelry making like a curation practice, also the way of the tanchi. What drew me to Nogah’s pieces was her statement coral jewelry.


Coral necklaces are actually hard to come by. It’s no wonder this treasure hunter is able to find the materials and beautifully execute the crafted jewelry. I’m giving away a gifted, specially made coral, opal, and gold leaf charm necklace by Tilly Doro Designs. Find out how at the end of this post!

Tilly Doro Coral Wrapped Necklace

What makes coral such a big deal for me? I’m Salvy (Salvadoran-American) and my ancestry is Pipil Indian. My great grandmother was the last to speak the Nahuat language after government policy forbade it – along with many other customs and tradition of indigenous cultures. This didn’t stop her from keeping the family line going – she procreated and made my grandmother Mama Luz, who then had my father Roberto Rivas, and alas, here I am – ¼ Pipil. I still have Pipil status and therefore wear the family stone on single strand beaded necklace – coral – along with my brother and father. (Mom doesn’t wear it because her ancestry is Spanish.)

When worn, coral is believed to protect us from evil spirits. The only problem is that the single strand coral bead necklace doesn’t always go with my outfit. We typically will hide the necklace underneath our clothes, which can be troublesome when I wear tanks, tube tops or when it just doesn’t look right with my professional wardrobe. How do I have my evil spirit protection while looking like a chic tanchi?

The answer: Tilly Doro designs.

I chatted with Nogah about her coral jewelry. By the way she describes the materials and process, you can be sure you’re getting timeless artistry instead of just another disposable fast fashion accessory. Coral is a beautiful stone that comes in many different shades. It’s hue (color) is not over the top blingy, and there is a roughness to the stone. Nogah starts with a big mess, plays with the materials and ideas, sleeps on it, revisits the work to edit, creates narration, and alas tell a story.

My coral statement necklace is a quality piece. It is incredibly annoying when I purchase higher price point jewelry with hardware that is lower end. Being the klutz I am, I have broken clasps and lost jewelry. This one, though, is thoroughly crafted from the very chain (18K gold). I was impressed by the idea of wrapping the coral line around the colorful fabric centerpiece along with gold chain.

I can’t wait to see more of Nogah’s coral statement jewelry design and other upcoming pieces. She’s currently working with materials such as cotton, thread and leather — drawing inspiration from her grandfather who was a tailor from Poland. It’s no wonder this creative soul is highly sought after. Her design can be purchased on her website and other online shops such as Odas. She also has pieces at various stores in New York, Los Angeles, Florida and Boston (her hometown).

Nogah wears a stone that belonged to her grandmother and I wear mine: keeping it in the family. Keeping it Salvy as I keep it classy in San Diego!


For a chance to win a specially made coral, opal, and gold leaf charm necklace by Tilly Doro Designs, here’s how:

1. ‘Like’ the La Bella Tanchi Facebook Page
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3. Leave a comment with your email address (to contact you in case you win!)
4. Follow @labellatanchi on Twitter (+1)*
*please include your username/twitterhandle in a comment so that I may verify in case you win!

U.S. Only. Giveaway ends Sunday, June 9, 2013, Winner will be announced June 11, 2013. Good Luck!


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