We shorties unite! Celebrating fashion birthdays with La Gambita!

Finding other tanchis and honorary tanchis (petites minus the panza) with #shortyproblems (Caroline’s go-to hashtag) brings me so much happiness. These are people who get what it is like to have tanchi problems:


Spending hours making the rounds in our various departments doing this:


Living the life of a tanchi requires refined curation techniques. Last week I got together with Caroline, the owner for the online petite apparel shop Gambita in Christopher Square, New York City.


Gambita is of my favorite start-ups in petite apparel. When I first discovered her shop, I noticed that all her garments for sale were panza plus tanchi friendly! I knew I had stumbled upon a master curator – it isn’t easy putting together a collection like this.

Coming up on La Bella Tanchi, I’ll be featuring some of my favorite items from the shop. Items perfect for neon in the workplace and a day to night curation – perfect for the working girl who likes to wear more than just the corporate uniform!

One of my favorite features of the Gambita shop is that it is more than just a destination for petite apparel. It’s a shopping experience where you really understand what you’re buying. Petite apparel has had such a bad rap for the last decades. I still remember going through racks upon racks with my Mama Sonia looking for something decently in style and fitting in department store petite sections. Petites sections are not my go-to choice for a last minute outfit – or really any outfit for that matter. “Petite” is not something I’ve wanted to affiliate with and if you’re not in denial like me, you might not even know you’re a petite. However, Gambita has fancy pie charts showing the truth – you just might be a petite and not even know it.


Approximately 85% of Latina women are petite according to Carolina’s super mathematical skills, calculated from the numbers reported on the U.S. Census.

Gambita’s shop is hub for great petite apparel, but also provides a place to learn about the petite woman, how to dress her, and the petite industry. I can’t wait to feature more on Caroline and her inspiration for the shop in the next post. She started off her company just this past January which is also when La Bella Tanchi kicked off. We share fashion birthdays! And, not to mention, petitie woes. We talked for hours on issues of being petite and can’t wait to feature more posts on the great discussion we had!

For our get together, I wore an Charleston Henley Peasant Blouse featured in a previous Treehouse Swiss family Robinson Attire post. Caroline – a tottering 4’9, wore a great basic grey T-shirt available in black and white at her shop! The T-shirt is the perfect fit for her! Even something so simple as t-shirt can be a rarity to find for petites. I’m enamored with plain white and black t-shirts and the closest I’ve come to finding a great fit is American Apparel. However, sometimes with curves an XL can still feel snug after shrinkage.



Here we are being so fashionable in our petite-friendly finds in the middle of rainstorm in NYC. Under a tiny umbrella, with no luck for hailing a cab or uber car, our only option was to run two blocks to the nearest subway station. Where are the hunter boots when you need them? Running through intersections with power outages, we couldn’t have been more ill prepared for the weather conditions. However, we were sure ready for a wet-t-shirt contest on the delayed subway during rush hour! Don’t think I’ve ever been so soaked from rain before. Another level!


Rain or shine, we shorties unite! To learn more about Gambita in the meantime, Carol of Petite Style Online featured her in a great interview post! Find out all the rage about Gambita! Can’t wait to feature the great clothes and her vision!

Thanks for the graphics Caroline!


4 thoughts on “We shorties unite! Celebrating fashion birthdays with La Gambita!

  1. it’s cool that you got to meet up! caroline is so sweet and gambita is a cool new brand. the infographics you included on petite awareness are awesome!

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