On your mark, get set, Go! To Opening Day in fabulous hat style!

Welcome to ‘Opening Day’!
More than 45,000+ race fans gather on the Opening Day of the thoroughbred racing season at Del Mar Racetracks for fabulous, fashionable and fun festivities!


Since moving to San Diego, I’ve made it a tradition to go to the race every year with the Juarez family. This year it is taking place July 17th – right around the corner! Don’t wait to get your hat!

The ‘lost’ accessory: the Hat
I absolutely love horses and to wear old school hats, especially because hats are like a lost accessory in everyday attire – and millinery is such a beautiful craft! Del Mar’s annual tradition, the “One and Only Truly Fabulous Hats Contest” brings out some of the most creative and stylish hats. It’s a unique event for sure with only the Kentucky Derby coming close with hat celebrations.

What I wore: a hat from Therapie Boutique, bebe (of course), and a dash of rouche draping
My first year, I didn’t realize how elaborate the hats would be. I went with a simple hat with black trim tied with black ribbon from a local hat shop and a beige ruffle GUESS? dress. The following year I upped the hat and dress. I decked out in a bold teal colored hat from Therapie Boutique – San Diego’s First Fashion Truck, and a bebe white printed flower dress that was altered to be tanchi friendly by adding darts to the back, leaving the satin black ribbon trim intact on the shoulders. Without the pseudo ‘darts’ the dress didn’t fall right on the top, making for awkward gaps on the neckline (typical tanchi problems) and a sinking cowl draping on the front. I love this dress most of all for its rouche draping (a great French technique that helps hides the panza). I topped it off with my bebe Casey heels in nude and black patent, reminiscent of art deco. They’re perfect for a Gatsby-like summer party at the racetracks look. Check out my curation – the tanchi way, for a day at the races over the years:


Therapie Boutique – San Diego’s first fashion truck has ‘Opening Day’ needs
I stumbled upon Therapie Boutique by chance. I’m an avid farmers’ market shopper and they happened to have their truck at the North Park farmers’ market in San Diego. They had such a great selection of clothing, accessories, and especially hats and fascinators! Picking out a hat took me a bit of time and it was hard for me not to walk away with more items. My teal colored hat came out to about $60 – while my 1st year hat from Hats Unlimited in La Jolla was about $30. This year I’m switching it up a bit and wearing a fascinator instead – a one of kind piece crafted beautiful by Linda Friedmen in New Orleans (Nola)!

Tanchi adventures in Nola (such a rager town) and an amazing experience!
I got to visit a Plantation, a swamp, and eat all sorts of typical cuisine from Fried Aligor to Bacon wrapped Oysters. It’s just a beautiful place, yet sad. Remnants of Katrina are still apparent years later.





All the way from NOLA: Golden Feathers and Vintage Bling
Heading over to the French Quarter, my pretty half, Hezzie, and I came upon the Saturday night street market where artists sold their fabulosity. Linda’s fascinator selection (a style of millinery kind of like “mini hats” or headpieces) was hard to walk away from!

I ended up selecting a beautiful fascinator with golden feathers and vintage bling. Linda’s pieces are a bit pricier, but worth the price for her use of quality material and exceptional design. I’m just not that into the generic and uncomfortable head pieces you can find at Claire’s for example for half the cost. The feathers in this piece are luscious – so bright in their color and each one unique–a perfect piece for Opening Day, a Gatsby themed party, or Halloween! She travels far for her materials – often going as far as NYC! Her stuff is not available elsewhere because it sells out that fast, but you can contact her via email for custom orders or current availability. Linda is a true millinery artist! Here are pics from her great selection.





That’s a Wrap for this Tanchi at the French Quarter
To end the night on my Nola visit, I got a poem written about surfing by Heath who had a typewriter on the poetry corner. A beautiful poem about my beloved ocean. I knew Nola was fun while it lasted, but it was time to head back to home to beautiful San Diego.


From Nola to SD, this tanchi is Opening Day ready with my fascinator for the big day! That is if Billie, my quarter half, doesn’t run away with it first (or eat my protection from evil spirits coral statement necklace!)


Enter the giveaway to win your Tilly Doro coral necklace now before Billie goes cookie monster mode!

Thanks Pretty Half for photos!


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