La Bella Tanchi is going Verde (Green)!

Bike Tires, Fedoras, and Sustainable Rubber Jewelry – La Bella Tanchi is going Verde (Green)!

I love innovation in fashion – especially concerning sustainability. Eco-fashion has been a growing field of study and a rising industry. They even have an Eco-Fashion Week! I’m such a fashion and PR nerd. Back in 2007, I corralled my friends to enter a Business Ethics Competition where we developed a recycling and sustainability visual marketing campaign for fast fashion companies such as Zara and H&M for fun (My poor friends). We made it past a few rounds, but ultimately the judges favored cases on Google China and Pharmaceutical companies. Nonetheless when H&M launched their recycling program this year, I was so proud that major fashion players are taking into account social impact in their business models. You can read more about it on Fashionista. Did you know, according to University of Cambridge the amount of clothing sent to landfill each year is on average 30kg/60 lbs per consumer in the UK alone!

Mafalda by Quino

In this brand new column, I’m featuring products on the green theme in their mission and profit color. The days of blood, sweat, and tears on products is a way people are just not that into anymore. In fact, the public is not only constructing viewpoints on a new way of producing and consuming, but also supporting business with their dollars for participating in this alternative way. No longer do you have to pay $100 for a plain white t-shirt using methods of sustainability to join either. Advocating and buying “green” is no longer yuppie territory. It’s also tanchi territory and La Bella Tanchi is going verde, along with her juevos and jamon to feed the panza. I like my eggs and ham and especially when their green too.

Mafalda by Quino


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