Day to Night Looks with Gambita and protection from evil spirits!

Gambita and I share this in common – we don’t refer to shrimp as “camarones” – instead we revert to our Spanglish ways.

I was born a #Spanglisher. Once when I was 7 years old, I didn’t know better and was explaining the art work I had made in school to my mom. I said, “Y dibuje un cam-e-ron.” My family to this day never lets me live that one down. If you think me making up words and intertwining Spanglish is at an all-time high on this blog – you should have heard it in my childhood (when I seriously didn’t know better). Caroline, too, has put a Spanglish spin on the word “shrimp” in Spanish, she uses “Gambita” to sell petite apparel and educate women on petite matters.

Gambita literally means “little shrimp” in Spanish. Gambita’s founder, Caroline got this nickname from her husband and loved it because it was original and she couldn’t help smile when she heard it. Gambita and I share in our shrimp ways (in creative dialect renditions and height size) but also our fashion birthdays! I previously featured a post while on a visit to NYC where I met up with Caroline. We #petitenerdedout on petite topics, her store concept, and her process for curating the merchandise she sells.

I got to know more about Caroline. She was born to Brazilian parents, split between Mexico City and New York for upbringing, and has had the good fortune of traveling to 25+ countries around the world. Caroline, like the rest of us petites, has always found shopping for our height troublesome – requiring strategy. Caroline decided to make an online shop from her years of strategizing, after a career in international development. She spent many years in El Salvador with VisionSpring, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable eyeglasses in the developing world. Gambita is passionate about supporting this cause, which is why they donate 1% of their profits to 10×10, a social action campaign leveraging the power of storytelling to generate mass awareness, individual advocacy and global action for girls’ education.

Caroline tries on clothing after clothing after clothing. She makes sure that if she is shopping for a petite – it’s been product tested by a petite (no animal testing necessary – so unverde like). Such as with other specialty boutique shops, typically the price point is higher and consequently so is the value. Caroline essentially “curates” for petites – so every piece you get from her shop is going to fit – skipping the safety pin tactics or waiting a week before your seamstress can turn around a fitted garment (I swear I love you Mrs. Lee!)

She offers a range as low as $22 to as high of about $392 (for an actual petite maxi dress! – so rare). In this post I’m featuring a coral floral print Lena Tank by Yumi Kim. (Gotta get my protection from evil spirits). It’s incredibly panza friendly and the length is just perfect for a tanchi! The tank runs for $106 but Gambita is offering La Bella Tanchi readers a special promo! Just enter Gambita4LaBellaTanchi at checkout for 25% off all items in your order!


I selected items from the shop for a Day to Night feature. Whether a day running errands, or at work – you can be ready for the cocktail hour or night out in town. The Lena Top here for day wear is topped with a pair of Børn gold gladiator sandals, similar pair the ‘Jill’ at Nordstrom and Levis’ skinny with short seams available from Zappos currently on sale for $39.99 (incredibly curvy friendly). I rolled the pants to show off the sandal – so comfortable with its padded cushions. For accessories, I wore purple large-size studs by bebe, a tan leather cross body purse by Fossil, and my necklace is a piece of original metal work done by the artist, Amparo Ochoa.


Sandals, tanks, and political innuendos in jewelry are typically not workplace go-tos, so for the workplace I threw on a mustard yellow bebe blazer, rolled down the jeans and put on a pair of teal Minnetonka Studded Kiltie Moccasins These are the most comfortable moccasins ever! They’re currently not available in teal, but are available in black and brown at Nordstrom. The statement necklace is also by BP Nordstrom.


Naturally for my workplace attire – I decided to climb a tree. I know, my tanchi ways – I can’t help it!


#fashionbloggerproblems coming down from the tree from your photo shoot.


Lastly for nightime wear, just slip off the shoes and put on a pair of pumps. These are my suede royal purple pair by Steve Madden, paired with the same blazer and studs. Merely slipped back on the Amparo necklace and I’m ready!




Whether you’re a little shrimp, tanchi, shortie, half pint, or just damn bella – Gambita has you covered and I can not wait to keep checking out the fresh styles (my panza too!)

Thanks Bianca for the photos!



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