No hay mal que por bien no venga – how a TEDista cheats petiteness

Imagine if you could be tall and lose the petite status? What if it came at the price of your legs?

Seems oxymoronic because if you weren’t already short – now you would be really short. But Aimee Mullins actually became taller by not having legs. Meet Aimee who is a record-breaker at the Paralympic Games in 1996 and has since used her prosthetic legs to advocate for women, sports and the next generation of prosthetics.


In this 2 Part series – I’m tackling on the topic of No hay mal que por bien no venga – from a tanchi perspective. The phrase is a dicho – a go-to of my Mama Sonia which essentially means All bad things come/happen to you for your benefit/for a reason. Essentially tanchis may think being short and curvy is at times a mal but in actuality there is great to come from it!

Aimee’s story is inspiring, not only for the triumph of her disability, but the beautiful art work she has commissioned using prosthetic legs. Using woodcarving, organic matter, glass, and other materials. If I were Aimee – I’d make one out of LED neon lights.

I love TED videos! Especially ones that relate to fashion issues. This TEDista share how she made her leg situation into an art and beautiful. Its though provoking and engaging. Puts tanchi problems into perspective for sure. Don’t think I’ll be saying it’s not fair again to being short! The best part is when how someone thought it wasn’t fair she could cheat petitieness. Learn how:


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