What happens at Comic-Con…

…gets to be told about on this blog. Snicker.

Comic-Con International is the largest annual convention in San Diego, and only second to Japan in comic book conventions worldwide. Comic-Con International began in 1970 when a group of comic, movie, and science fiction fans banded together to put on the first comic book convention in Southern California. Today, it has grown to over 160,000 attendees with A-list celebrities and all things pop culture. It’s become quite the spectacle.



Halloween’s got nothing on Comic-Con. Costume couture came out this weekend and I couldn’t put the camera down – so many costumes and so little time. I’d been wanting to attend for years to get a peek at the fashion. I was incredibly excited for my first Comic-Con! I was inspired by the superheroes, sci-fi characters, and others I’m sure are just down right original.


Costumes are a big part of the 4-day event. Saturday night is the famous Masquerade Ball. It is one of the longest traditions showcasing the best fan-made costumes in the country. Each entry presents their original costume, some acting out storylines, musical numbers and dance performances.
The costumes are masterfully curated – so masterful in their selection of fabrics, ornaments, threads, and so much more, to create these original one-of-a-kind ensembles. It’s incredible! In fact, there should really be runways or museums with these collections, but then again I’m also a runway junkie and museum nerd – total bias!

I’m featuring some of my favorite costumes from this past weekend. These were favorites not only for the costumes themselves, but for the admirable curation techniques used. I’m always studying the greats in curation as it is the way of the tanchi and especially for the panza. I’m definitely going to have to show up in costume next year. A sailor moon shirt and TOMS just isn’t going to cut it (but thank you for letting me survive)! Enjoy the costumes and be inspired!






Aliens in LA from Ink Pen Mutations Press




Recycled Comic-Con attendee bag turned into a skirt!


Great Gatsby representing!


Meet Mistress Azrael, the Dominatrix Diva of Drag! This costume designer made a great gown, used black feathers layered for the skirt of the dress. Incredibly ornamented, laced, bejeweled, and overall detailed – by far my favorite one from Comic-Con!


Wearing stunning jewelry by Evil Pawn Jewelry!



3 thoughts on “What happens at Comic-Con…

  1. Awe, I wanted to go so bad, not because I’m into comics or anything, but because of the costumes. I had plans to walk around downtown to catch some creations but my plans fell through. Well at least I get to live it through you. Thank you!

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