Narcissist or Fashion Blogger? – The Secret thoughts of a tanchi


Mafalda by Quino

Every now and then I get really mad at my panza and tanchiness.

And every now and again, I just get weird about it. I’ve actually been wanting to write about this for some time in way that doesn’t put a damper on curves or #shortystatus..the secret thoughts of a tanchi.

I love being tanchi and my blog wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for my towering petite stature and lovin panza. Imagine La Bella Tanchi without the stylish tricks and humor to poke fun at the tanchi qualities (petite and panza).

I started this blog to celebrate tanchiness. I spent years at war with my panza and felt distressed from frustrating and unsuccessful shopping trips. I hit that moment one day — the same moment that Aimee Mullins did with her prosthetic legs as she talks about in her TED Video featured in a 2 part post on cheating tanchiness, No hay mal que por bien no venga – how a TEDista cheats petiteness. I realized I could make dressing a tanchi an art and beauty in itself – a technique I crafted for years while being a Chocota (silly one) at it.

Chocota is what my family calls me. It isn’t a real word in Spanish – but as you can see I inherited the petite and panza genes in addition to making-up-words skill from my family. I’m notorious for making up words – I’ve come to realize the English language just doesn’t suffice sometimes.

And so, the fashion world doesn’t suffice for me either. I’d love to see my favorites like Tina Fey and Louie C.K take on runway! Today’s post is featuring another TED talk on fashion world real talk. Who doesn’t love a good TED talk??

A few months ago I featured one by model Cameron Russell, and she said it right when she reiterated how diversity on the runway is still a hot topic – we still have a long way to go.

Russell also said something striking in her TED video — how even models, the very women idolized in fashion magazines, have their insecurities. It struck me because we tanchis are bella but sometimes I think societal conditioning makes women nit pick our looks.

It’s wonderful to have emerging petite apparel companies, such as Gambita, who are currently empowering petites by holding a contest for their next shoot in NYC! For contest details, click here!

Gambita is great in creating a community of proud petite women. They’re looking to showcase real women who might have never thought of themselves as models, but are beautiful both inside and out and can serve as a positive example to fellow Gambitas. (I hope you’ll consider entering too!)


Caroline (owner of Gambita) and I started our fashion projects with similar objections. I started a blog because I wanted representation for tanchis, humor for our common challenges, and to share my journey (both uplifting and ugly) of accepting my genes and creating a positive body image. I’m all about TED and when I heard fashion blogger Andy Torres in her TED video, I completely resonated with the need to translate fashion to real people, which obviously includes tanchis – and start a blog

Easier said than done. I cannot tell you how many shoots I do and nightlife events I’m photographed at, etc., only to look at the photos with a harsh critical eye. Putting my image out there for others to see is an odd feeling for me. When I began the blog, I wasn’t planning to be the model to showcase my words. In fact, I even bought a free standing manequine to display the clothing. This uncomfortable feeling of revealing the person behind the words is one that many style bloggers and I share in solidarity as we’ve found in private conversations about our blogging journeys. We do it to represent our love of fashion! Also for #tanchipride!

Narcissism? Hardly. As fab as it all may seem – it’s a conversation I’ve actually shared in with other style bloggers that cameras can make us shy, but there’s something liberating about it too. If I’m writing about curating for my body and loving the results, why not be a role model for those who don’t know the secrets of dressing a tanchi?

Check out Andy Torres as she shuts down the criticism of “Ego Bloggers” who take photos of themselves and post them on the internet. We are real people with budgets translating style: Check out Andy Torres on TED!



2 thoughts on “Narcissist or Fashion Blogger? – The Secret thoughts of a tanchi

  1. Thank you for your valuable words that really encourage tanchis to embrace and love who we are! I love knowing that I’m not the only tanchi that struggles with these types of issues ❤

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