Welcome to The Petite Shop, not your ordinary Candy Shop

“We are the Dreamers of Dreams”
When I was young, I used to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original film via VCR, and replay the intro scenes that took place in the candy shop and factory with the wonderland of candy. Pressing start, then rewind, then pause, then play again. Those were the days.

Credit: (C) Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory 1971

I was in it for the Candy. 
The rest of the film was irrelevant to me. It took me years to learn the characters names and by the time the Oompa Lumpas came on, I was over the film. Sorry Wonka. I was in it for the candy. Perhaps this has contributed to adult hood panza problems, but how could I resist? I loved seeing the jars and jars of every candy imaginable made to quench your sugar rush and the magical land where anything was possible, from a marshmallow filled life-size mushroom you stick you hand into to bon bons dangling from a tree.

Credit: (C) Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory 1971

Credit: (C) Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory 1971

A Willy Wonka-like Factory for Petites…Imagine That
Imagine a place where the same options existed for tanchis, but filled with petite clothing yumminess? A Petite Shop mimicking the endless options as the candy shops from our childhood wonders minus the VCR.

Welcome to The Petite Shop – A la Orden (At your service)
It can happen, and with Elizabeth Bates’ vision for her emerging petite apparel start-up, The Petite Shop, I’m incredibly excited to see what she offers for her petite customers! Meet Elizabeth: Professional Petite Problem Solver minus the top hat, ascot, cane, and swag coat. The petite apparel industry is growing and Elizabeth was inspired to start her own solution to the problem, driven by her own personal frustration while seeing the numbers confirmed her assumption of the general population.

Like Elizabeth, fellow tanchis can relate:

Ever been frustrated with clothes? Ever wonder why statistics are gathered showing over 50% of women are petite and yet the industry is still so underdeveloped and underserving the population?

With so many people who know someone of petite height, she realized there are many moms, sisters, and friends with this same problem – they can’t find clothes that fit. Elizabeth has specialized in this specific niche and has since dedicated her online petite apparel business to providing people what they want and foremost educating women about their petite status.


It’s Not You, It’s ME.
It really isn’t you petites. Elizabeth knows it’s a big job to teach that there are clothes available for us. The process begins by acknowledging or knowing whether you’re a petite to begin with. Even though it is a needle in a haystack to find designers who are willing to do petite or are explicitly petite designers, Elizabeth manages to find great clothing and is encouraged by the emerging market. The key to Elizabeth’s success is knowing how and where to look for clothing – utilizing superb curation technique, the same as the tanchi does curation!

What’s going on in the Petite Apparel Industry?
Challenges with the petite apparel industry haven’t stopped Elizabeth. She shares great insight to what is holding back the petite market. Over the years, department stores kind of gave petite clothing a bad rap by offering ugly clothes that no one ages 20-35 was going to wear. Women aren’t exactly eager to associate themselves as “petites” when there is nothing fashionable to choose from. I love this, because to answer Why do Petite Clothes Suck? (featured in a previous post), it contributes to what is a multifaceted answer. Elizabeth’s explanation offers insight to what Ramit Sethi of, ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’, calls “invisible scripts.” Invisible scripts are basically the things we tell ourselves over time that we believe to be true. We’re talking deep rooted psychology, so deeply embedded that we don’t even realize they guide our attitudes and behaviors.

If Your in Denial Petites, Elizabeth is Here to Help
In October 2012, Elizabeth became an industry game changer by offering clothing and taking on the base challenge in changing minds. The Petite Shop offers fashion-forward style for women ages 25-35. Her main goal is to build a forum for exclusively petite designers. She strives to make a petite community full circle, supporting the designers so they can continue to provide high-quality, unique petite clothing for us!

Post Banana, Ann, and J.Crew
This community then offers options aside from Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, and J.Crew that have their own in-house lines. By working with indie designers – they’re doing things just for us. Coming up on La Bella Tanchi is a rarity – an actually petite jumpsuit from the shop! 30″ inseam, tube top, flare leg, navy blue! Until then, approximately 66% of the Petite Shop garments are petite specific – true to petite proportions. Giving tanchi’s the best possible online shopping experience and their panzas too.

Use coupon code BELLA for 15% off!

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