Live. Love. Surf. And don’t forget your J.Crew Rash guard to do it!

Always in the midst of adventures at home and beyond, I have found that there is no place like San Diego and Law Street in particular. I love exploring this town and by far my favorite place in the world is Law Street – a place that gives me all the clarity, beautiful sunset imagery, and surf a tanchi could ask for.


I love surfing and doing it at Law Street in Pacific Beach, San Diego. There is something about being in the water that makes the world seem that much better.

Diana Vreeland, former Editor-in-chief of Vogue (and more importantly life badass) described it perfectly,

“And to be a surfer! ah, between the sky and the water..”
“I’m mad about water, water is God’s tranquilizer”

It’s incredibly surreal to be out there sitting on your board waiting for a wave while watching the sunset as you look out onto the horizon. It doesn’t get more front seat than this. It’s one of two snapshots I haven’t managed to take – the other being the illumination of the stars while looking up at the night sky when camping.

LIFE functions as uber poetic in this moment everyday. It’s a LOVE for that moment, for the wave that’s coming – and when you catch it- you SURF it.

When surfing in San Diego’s cooler water temperatures – proper attire is required and I search far for my gear. In a previous post, Tanchi Hits the Surf, I presented a problem existing in the surf wear industry – a shortage of petite wetsuits available via powerhouse surf wear companies. I love my Billabong, Roxy, and Quicksilver. In fact, I practically live in surf fleeces, but there isn’t much you can do to alter a wetsuit and fix having excess fabric pockets, long sleeves and legs, and tighter pulls in certain areas.



My dream wetsuit would accommodate my 5’3″ height and beloved panza. Mafalda said it best when she said, si, se que debo perder peso, pero odio perder (Yes, I know I should lose weight, but I hate to lose). My core is going to require just a little more time than some others is all.

But until then, J.Crew came out with a rash guard made for a woman’s body. Although not a wetsuit- it’s a great alternative for when the waters warm up. Pair it with some board shorts and you’re good to go. Ecstatic, I had to try these out! And voila – like every other J.Crew garment – this gear is of top quality and great style! Tanchis, were getting closer and closer to having active and surf wear made for us!


The best thing about these rash guards is that because they are of quality construction – the bottom doesn’t’ roll up on my panza after getting tossed by a wave the way some of my other ones do. The material is a little thicker and the cut a little longer. The sleeves are still a bit too long but as I mentioned – we’re getting there. Check out J.Crew’s selection of sun shirts and rash guards for their newest styles. They are worth every penny! The two pictured here are no longer available, but I seized a small in the white and medium in the pinstriped one. The collection is continually growing and I’d recommend any for hitting up the waves!

Exciting times for the tanchi that surfs! Don’t worry Mafalda – no need for a bare chest when the waves swush!

Mafalda by Quino


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