Que Yuca ser tanchi, until Anthro did petites!


Mafalda by Quino

Sometimes, being tanchi and having tanchi problems makes you want to say, “está bien yuca.” This means “it’s a really difficult situation” as a Salvadoran—ism.


Not the actual yucca frita.

Some of these problems include scrunchy bottom look, sleeves being too long, needing safety pins when in an alteration bind, and difficulty finding flattering and stylish attire for the panza.


But now we can toast with a cheers celebrating with Anthropologie, because behold – these problems with their recent petite collection – no longer exist! Leave it to their petite line to shake up my sense of identity as a tanchi as they actually have petite apparel in-store!


Anthropologie launched their first petite trunk show tour as a shift from online only shopping! To my surprise, they came to little ol’ San Diego at UTC Westfield Mall in La Jolla as one of their selected cities. As it turns out, they targeting stores where most petite sales are happening. Who would have thought San Diego was home to so many tanchis and honorary tanchis? Any tanchi knows – the only ones who really ever have in-store petite collections are department stores and we know how we feel about those….


Champagne bubbly and yummy cupcake desserts were delectable treats awaiting shoppers while shopping the petite collection and previewing clothing coming out this holiday season.

Anthropologie is a love of mine. In a previous post, Chilling in the Treehouse…Swiss Family Robinson Style, I wrote about how I used to take personal field trips and drive from Palmdale to Santa Monica, California during my high school years just to study the interior décor of the gorgeous store. I was ecstatic when they launched their petite collection about a year ago and it was so successful that I often couldn’t buy merchandise because it would sellout so quickly! They are constantly refining their offerings for petites, however you now can shop from their petite collection and get free shipping when you order in-store! Now that is very unyuca.





Even better, more and more options are becoming available with hangtags indicating when a “regular garment” is available in petite for shoppers in-store. Is this really happening?


You can expect it all as well – skirts, tops, dresses, but not so much knits (not as yuca) and all are carefully constructed for the petite’s proportions. They have done their work in adjusting necklines, armholes, and all other components of a pattern to fit the tanchi everso bellaly. Even jackets are getting introduced and I have yet to come across those!


The first words that comes to mind for the Anthropologie style is nostalgic, unique, and timeless. Every garment I have ever bought from Anthro tends to stay in my closet for a minimum of 5 years and now they are catering to petites! This is trouble because although their price point is high – every dime is worth the construction, material, style, and overall quality.

Put a chonga (bow) on it” the way Beyonce sings “Put a ring on it.” With a red Taisia Dress by Dolce Vita ($258). This dress is perfect for the holiday season. I once, on a date night, was called a Barbie and I definitely gave him one of those looks (you’ve got to be kidding me). A tanchi is far from a Barbie, but then that changed when I put this dress on.


I knew exactly what he meant at that moment. It is has a Downton Abbey Holiday Barbie look to it. Makes me want to grab ribbon in all Christmas colors and deck the “poof” out of the dress the way Holiday Barbie so extravagantly drapes it on her head, belt, dress, and everywhere else! Sparkle, glitter, and over the top – just like her hot pink convertible and Malibu beach house.


There are two things I rarely go for in style – horizontal stripes and A-line dress at the waist. They just don’t do wonders for the panza. But yet again, Anthropologie takes the two and makes a fabulous garment like a work of art in the Strata Dress by Eva Franco ($198).

I love how this dress has a “bounce” to it and doesn’t stick to my panza. In addition the lines of the dress curve – unusual because normally, lines around my panza area don’t flatter. A rarity indeed, and no alterations necessary with this dress. I feel tanchi liberation coming on!

Lastly, the Kenley Skirt by Eva Franco ($148). Another great panza cover-up and great piece with a bow detail. The cut is at a height that helps to prevent a not-so-classy-San Diego moment and a pattern that looks exquisite paired with solids and patterns.


Anthropologie petites–keep it coming. Stayed tuned and keep on the look out for more features of the fabulous collection! Alas tanchis – liberation from the yuca!


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