“I’ve been infected” by Disclosure at Symmetry Live at the W Hotel San Diego

For your reading pleasure: “F for You” by Disclosure (T-E-E-D mix)

W Hotel San Diego, Symmetry Live, and Disclosure & Posso


“I’ve been infected”…by good music and live concert by none other than Disclosure held on the rooftop of the W Hotel San Diego. W Hotels Worldwide brought Symmetry Live to San Diego as part of the hotel’s ongoing live concert series, curating music performances by what’s new and next in music. Performing this private set was international sensation, Disclosure, the duo of U.K. brothers playing their electronic sounds with an opening by DJs and avant-garde designers, Posso.


As an electronic music lover – upon receiving the invite, I awaited for the performance in great anticipation and spent the coming weeks blasting SoundCloud mixes of their great titles such as “White Noise” and “When A Fire Starts To Burn,” (I’m sure my neighbors love me). To add to the excitement, the show was part of ‘Symmetry Live,’ known for being a great platform for supporting emerging artists in the U.S. and offering insider access to up and coming music.


What I wore: ‘Tanchi Concert Wear’
As a tanchi, I prepared my concert wear by curating a tanchi friendly all black outfit. My leather jacket from Express (previously tailored) was a must since the show would be held on the rooftop, and a GUESS? top, sleeveless scoop neck chain tank with pockets, providing comfort around the panza (I went through a GUESS? phase years back). Gotta dress right for the panza! For pants, my Party in the Front, Work in the Back Bebe skinny jeans were my go-to once again. Can’t go to a concert without my handy dandy fanny pack – love being hands free at a concert!


The tanchi and the tall!

And for the most important item when planning for ‘tanchi concert wear’ – shoes — it had to be my bebe boots. Here’s why:

Tanchi Problems: I Can Never See at Concerts
You know you’re a tanchi (and honorary), when you’re at a concert, and you get the “Can you see?” questions. Jennifer, a fellow tanchi, was telling me that “My friends are always like CAN YOU SEE?…No, I can never see! I’m used to it!” Que Yuca!

For tanchis, concerts are a problem. You can’t always see over the heads of people and once you’re out of high school, crowd surfing isn’t socially acceptable anymore (or safe – what was I thinking! – Oh Warped Tour)

Out beat tanchiness: ‘Tanchi Tricks’ for Concerts
But I have a tanchi trick – wear 3-inch heels. When covering a concert – wear 3-inchers AND do blind shooting – it’s the only way. I can recall when I managed to out beat my tanchiness at Coachella Music Festival this year. I was wearing TOMS shoes and managed to find a trash stand that I had to do a delicate balancing act on so I could stand and not have it break underneath me. It’s crazy, but it’s all in the name of music and is worthwhile just to catch the epicness of the Red Hot Chili Peppers closing this year’s festival.

Trash cans aren’t always readily available, so I make sure to wear a good heel and trust my camera powers to get the shoots as I raise my arms above my head and click away. It seems obvious, but a good heel and some lambswool go along way to help with the concert viewing experience.

My Go-To Concert 3-incher: bebe (of course)
For the W Hotel San Diego’s intimate live performance I did just that. Ecstatic to attend, I made sure to find the perfect heel and of course I turned to my go-to bebe. I wore what I call my “I’m going to kill you boots” but bebe calls them the Evie Lace Up Suede Boot ($189). Once laced up, your foot and ankle are strapped in and even when your feet get tired – your good. Not my usual price point for shoes but I made an exception because I have MUCHISIMO AMOR for these BOTAS!


To add comfort, I’ll share my tanchi secret with closed toed 3-inchers which is wear lambs wool inserts/pads on the toes. This is the secret to how ballerinas comfortably and gracefully dance ontop of their pointe shoes. You can buy them at any dance store and it will save your toessies when strutin’ the killer heel.


Smoke Effects in your Disclosure Cocktail
Ready with my camera and concert going outfit, my friend Laura and I cheered on with our blinking blue #WMUSIC wristbands and cocktails in hand. The event served complimentary signature drinks with names like “White Noise” and other song titles. The most epic was the “Stimulation” drink – a pink Cosmo served with dry ice – making for a fun, smoking, bubbling effect before cocktail sippin.


Technical Difficulties are a Win for this Tanchi
When the show started, you can bet all the camera phones came out as Disclosure opened with smoke effects and a light show.




I was one happy tanchi singing along with the great crowd. After a few songs and some technical difficulties, the duo moved the set inside into the ‘Living Room’ where I, alas, was able to see the duo with a clear view – solving my tanchi problema for this concert.






Symmetry Live
A great time at the W Hotel, San Diego can always be count on. The venue has become a regular spot for me and I continue to look forward to all the great future events!


It was a great music experience by Symmetry Live and I hope another one will make its way to San Diego – who wouldn’t want to return for a great show with a balance between the sounds of artists and how they represent the symmetry between the W lifestyle?


Love chandeliers!

Check out Disclosure’s most recent track here:

Photo Credits to Christian Posada and Jeff Corrigan. Thanks!


4 thoughts on ““I’ve been infected” by Disclosure at Symmetry Live at the W Hotel San Diego

  1. You look like you own the W Hotel! Keep these types of events coming! I love seeing all the behind the scenes of San Diego and Hollywood

    • Your welcome Christine! Surprising Dr. Scholl’s hasn’t gotten hold of this one yet. The fanny pack is a THROW BACK – 2006 at a market on a trip abroad. I’ll do more features on fanny packs though – they’re great!

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