“Things Can Only Get Better” – Cedric Gervais, La Bella Tanchi is back!

I love electronic music and even moreso taking up Cedric’s song title as my mantra as La Bella Tanchi returns from a hiatus.

Listen to “Things Can Only Get Better” by Cedric Gervais on Sound Cloud

Lately, I’ve been Charlie Browning it

charlie brown-football
Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz

Charlie Browning because Mafalda being an Argentine comic, doesn’t do football comics – only fútbol.

Quite literally, I’ve been steering clear from footballs and any other objects coming at full velocity in my direction. I have had the bizarre misfortune of getting hit with a football, causing all sort of unpleasant symptoms for this tanchi. Head injuries are NO BUENO and I definitely owe Mama Sonia big time.

The great news is that this tanchi is doing well and is alive and kicking again. I’m back in fashion blogger mode, writing all sorts of notes via post-its for La Bella Tanchi. My wall and desk look like rainbows of post-its. I love post-its (especially my Hello Kitty ones).


I love blogging and recently got some new gadgets to help with “micro-blogging” my ‘tanchi adventures’ on the quest for petite attire that works for panzas too. Even though my hiatus caused a small delay of posting about October events, La Bella Tanchi’s social media platforms are great way to stay in the know and get your tanchi needs solved!

Get plugged in and send #Hashtag love
Don’t forget to follow me via Twitter at @LaBellaTanchi, Instagram @labellatanchi, and follow on Facebook. Pinterest is possibly in the works, but in the mean time, good ol-fashion e-mail following is great way to stay up to date. If you haven’t been receiving your e-mails via the blog and you’re a Gmail user, a mere dragging La Bella Tanchi e-mails from the Promotions folder to Primary will do the trick.

Coming up on La Bella Tanchi
In the next weeks you can look forward to a 2-part series on Breeders Cup, a behind-the-scenes look into Christine A. Moore’s millinery studio, L.A. Fashion week, Fashion Week San Diego, Anthropologie Petite’s collaboration with designer Cory Lynn Calter, Jet-Setting essentials in Philly, Lucky Fabb and Fashion PR Con recaps, and a great treat of brining back more Gatsby inspired content. I’m sure I’m missing a few, and I’ll get the urge to blog other topics that inspire me to share useful tips for tanchis. Stay Tuned!

Dear Readers….Sincerely Tanchi
As La Bella Tanchi continues to grow and gain traction, I want to take a moment to express gratitude for all those that have helped with journey, read a post, taken a photograph, been dragged to events, covered in press, given feedback, written comments, showed the love via social media, and continue to support this project. Especially during this challenging time, Aimster you’ve been magnanimous at catching all my undotted i’s and uncrossed t’s, plus being the very best honorary tanchi a tanchi could ask for. I’m excited for what is coming this way and expect to see great collaborations and new faces and old on La Bella Tanchi.

Over and out! Much love from this tanchi for her readers and her panza too.


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