Bringing Back the Hat at Breeders Cup at Santa Anita Park – Part 1

Tanchi Fashion Blogging Problems

I love hats and endeavors that bring back the hat. After all, every tanchi needs her décor! (And a bit more height could help with blogging as well) – #TypicalTanchiProblems


Breeder’s Cup and “Horse Track Attire”
This past weekend was the Breeders’ Cup World Championship at Santa Anita Park in Los Angeles, California – attracting the best horses, trainers, and owners from across the globe. It is no wonder that legends are born, history is made, and fortunes are won at this unofficial culmination of the thoroughbred-racing season.

I love horses and the tracks, but for me the biggest lure is the fashion! In a previous post, On your mark, get set, Go! To Opening Day in fabulous hat Style, I featured a “how-to dress for horse track attire” featuring outfits of mine over my horse track years and newfound discovery for one of a kind fascinators in New Orleans’ Street Market. Santa Anita Park hasn’t traditionally been the “hat day sensation” of say Del Mar Racetrack’s Opening Day, but on this occasion, with America’s Best Racing and Fashion at the Races, Santa Anita Park brought together a crowd to frolic in ‘old fashion’ attire bringing back the hat and adorable dresses!

Hat Chat & ‘I Love Lucy’

“Horse track attire” holds a special place in my heart. I think hats have become such a ‘lost accessory’ and millinery a ‘lost art.’ I regard it as perhaps one of the dumbest fade-outs of fashion history. Hats are beautiful accessories that enhance any woman’s beauty and make for a very lady like appearance. (The art of it is one I can’t wait to feature next!) I had a chance to go behind the scenes into Christine A. Moore’s millinery studio and see the hat-in-the-making!
The first time I saw millinery worn was on daytime television on the show, “I Love Lucy.” Hats are so wonderful that it made for a climatic episode when Ricky Ricardo loses his temper after Lucy spends too much money on hats which later culminates to #hatdrama. Lucy was known for getting into one-of-a-kind-drama, and in this episode it was no exception.

Credit: (C) I Love Lucy, a registered trademark of CBS Worldwide, Inc

In the episode, Lucy arrives home with a new hat and Ricky wants to know the price. She begins to chew up the price tag of $49.50 and he loses his temper. Ethel goes with Lucy to returns her new hat, but there’s a special on cocktail hats; half-price. Ethel demands that Lucy march right straight out of the store but of course, Lucy admits, “It’s got little pearls and everything and the little feather…” You know what happens next, Lucy’s got to have it. In Lucy’s world, hats were highly coveted accessories. Although having lost momentum in contemporary women’s wear popularity, they are certainly making a comeback at America’s Best Racing (ABR) events.

America’s Best Racing and America’s Best Fashion
ABR is an endeavor by the Jockey Club to promote thoroughbred racing amongst millennials and fuel support to attract racing’s next generation of fans. I love this because I, for one, did not grow up going to the tracks, but now I can’t get enough! The ambiance of fashion, track lifestyle and rush of energy that coming from the crowds during races are what I enjoy the most.


Their most recent collaboration entailed teaming up with Los Angeles Fashion bloggers. Hosting the bloggers was Kier of Fashion Addict LA. Lulu*s and Christine A. Moore Millinery sponsored the attire for the stylish team to spend a fabulous day at the races with America’s Best Racing ambassador – Mary Francis Dale. Originally a Los Angelino myself, I joined these stylish ladies in learning to handicap (horse race gambling), lunching at gourmet food trucks, enjoying the new View section at the rail, and later chatting away to an open bar and buffet with a birds eye view of the races in the trophy lounge. It was an adventurous day jam-packed courtesy of ABR – a day filled with shoots, video appearances, and frolicking in our ensembles. Even passers-by were asking for photo ops and autographs!


Wearing NEON at the races with fellow petite L.A. fashion blogger Malanee Shale


Credit: Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision for Breeders’ Cup/AP Images
Kier Mellour of Fashion Addict Los Angeles,  | Roxy Limon of All Things Roxy | Laura Lily | Elizabeth Keene of A Keene Sense of StyleMalanee Shale | Mel of Modanista Junkie | Joann Doan of Love Fashion, Live Life

What I wore: Lulu*s At The Races, Bebe (of course), Mama Sonia’s Love, & Charming Charlies
For the occasion I wore a Lulu*s Honey Punch, That’s a Wrap Neon Yellow Wrap Dress in a size L ($50). The dress is incredibly panza flattering. While still struttin’ a classic look to the races and doing it the tanchi way – I was wearing NEON! I love neon colors and love even more that surprisingly no alternations were required for this dress! Perhaps, that was my panza and curves doing positive things for once by filling it out. It is incredible in fit and color. That’s the magic of the ‘wrap’ and best part is it’s available in other colors such as blue and burgundy polka dot.

With neon colors, I like to compliment with darker and more subtle palettes. I wore dark royal purple large studs and beige clutch with bling by, none other than, bebe, and a delicate gold opal stone necklace (gifted from Mama Sonia). I didn’t want the jewelry to be so over the top since I would be sporting a dramatic hat piece. For my wrist bling, I opted for Charming Charlie’s layering technique as I got a chance play around with at LuckyFabb. They sponsored a layering bar which was such an incredible discovery because they have great statement jewelry for very reasonable prices! I took my $5 gold NY & Co. dangle watch and paired it with a Lock ‘n’ Roll Bracelet in gold ($10) and a similar find: the Mixed Chains Bracelet ($10).


This collection is so great that while I’m actually not a big wrist bling wearer, I want to buy and style with just about everything at this store! I’m especially loving their new holiday pieces such as the Be Good Bell Bracelet and Holiday Charm Bracelet.

From Toe to Head: Steve Madden & Christine A. Moore Millinery
For shoes I wore a pair of royal purple suede Sarrina platform pumps by Steve Madden (available here via Amazon) – in theme with Breeder’s Cup official color – purple! Last but not least is my incredible sombrero designed and handcrafted by Christine A. Moore, meet ‘Savannah.’ Stunning in a purple palette, Christine hand makes all her trims and uses seams for each leaf alternating between opaque and more sheer fabrics and hues atop the hat. Made to size for this tanchi’s head of hair and custom to the neon dress, I was sporting a complete look of epic style! To finish it off it, she dashed Savannah with subtle clear bead bling and adorned feathers atop giving it delicate movement and an ultra fem quality to the purple base trimmed with an iridescent purple color. I absolutely love this hat and the art of Christine’s millinery.


Big Hat Required
When bringing back the hat at Santa Anita Parkway – Go Big or Go Home! The last thing you want is to have Lucy Ricardo give you a “Ugggggh” sign of approval.


Credit: (C) I Love Lucy, a registered trademark of CBS Worldwide, Inc

Make it the best fashion to present yourself at the tracks and enjoy the experience! It’s an ambiance that is enjoyable and affordable for everyone: a day with the family, a meeting of the handicappers, or for millennials to hang out in the midst of socials and fashion. Muchas Gracias ABR, Christine A. Moore, Lulu*s, and Charming Charlies for a fabulous day at the races! Stay tuned for more coverage of Breeder’s Cup 2013!

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