Donut Worry, Be happy with Corey Lynn Calter for Anthro Petites

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Donut Worry, Be Happy because
Anthropologie Petites and Corey Lynn Calter have come together for petite and panza perfect attire!


Doughnuts Equal Panza
When I think of famous panzas…I think Homer Simpson gets a special premio (prize)– a gold medal for this one.

homersimpsondonutmachine(C) Credit: ‘The Simpsons’

Puchica! (Salvadoran caliche for Wow!) Look at that panza!

Since childhood I have watched the Simpsons, and what will forever be engrained in my memory is Homer Simpson’s doughnut obsession. It’s quite iconic really. I suppose Homer’s panza accomplishments are reassuring for the tanchi. I mean who can say no to a doughnut that’s elegant, scrumptious, and irresistibly good–looking, specifically the ones made by the #1 voted donut shop in LA Weekly?


They certainly can’t escape this tanchi or the tall and honorary tanchi that came with me to check out the new collection by Anthropologie Petites and meet Corey Lynn Calter herself! Rest assured all you panza lovers! Now with Corey Lynn Calter’s designs for petites, doughnuts are okay for tanchis, especially if they are the kind made by The Donut Snob.


With Laura – honorary tanchi to my left, and Stephanie – the tall to my right

If Marie Antoinette were alive today, she’d ditch the macaroons for the Donut Snob.
No snob can resist these! If you have never thought you’d find yourself “checking out” doughnuts – at Anthropologie’s Petite Shop in Santa Monica, California – you would have here. The presentation of it all had that special Anthropologie touch – the kind you drool over in their infamous catalogues, where you want everything in sight as you turn the pages of their wonderland (or walk in the store, really). Stacks of caramel, berries, sprinkles, and other delicious doughnut toppings were paired with some wine and bubbly – it was a great start to a monumental event in petite world! Anthropologie is now launching in 7 stores their petites line! Tanchis – were talking actual made-for-petite clothes in a store! Exciting times!


Although many historical critics have said Marie Antoinette never said to “Let them eat cake,” I’m sure at this occasion she would have said “Let them eat doughnuts” because now, tanchis, we can have our doughnut and eat it too. Be happy.

How so? With:

Panza Perfect Attire brought to you by Corey Lynn Calter
Meet Corey Lynn Calter, a designer who inherited a sewing machine from her grandfather, a tailor from Italy, and a sense of color from her mother, an interior designer. Corey’s been making her own clothes since her teenage years in Philadelphia. Nowadays, you can find her clothes in so many places featuring original prints, flattering cuts, and classic silhouettes. She’s also known for her maxis and jumpsuits – when I heard she was making exclusive petite clothing with long time collaborator Anthropologie – you can imagine the excitement that filled me!


The tall and the tanchi – looking down and looking up!


The tall and honorary tanchi meeting designer Corey Lynn Calter (center)

Tanchi Problems: Everything Fits, Mi Pobre Wallet
Everything I tried on fit. Everything. I mean everything – maxis, peplums, dresses you name it. Tanchis, with Anthro petites – our pobre (poor) wallets, but a win for our wardrobes! As fellow honorary tanchi, Laura, put it — now the problem we have as petites has changed. Now that everything fits – it’s like a whole new world has opened up to us where we can get fit and style at the same time. It’s what Aladdin and Jasmine must of felt like riding on the Magic Carpet.

IMG_4774 anthropologiepetites IMG_4786 IMG_4792

“A Whole New World”
Would you look at that: no panza. Boy, do I love a dress that can work that panza magic. Check out this Malmaison Petite Floral Dress ($198) – wearing a size 8. It’s a fantastic silk-tencel fabric with great hues for the floral print, a lady-like button up back, and a tailored silhouette that dares to use waist piping, yet doesn’t bring unwanted attention to the panza. This dress requires absolutely no alternations and I can see it easily becoming a staple in my closet! That’s right – no alternations. I’ve paired it with a swanky and very pretty burgundy velvet shoe that glitters light pink– these High Halls Pumps ($158) by Miss Albright are definite head turners!


Remember that with Corey Lynn Calter’s designs you get an original print, a flattering cut, and classic silhouette – well every garment passes the test. Check out these other garments by Corey Lynn Calter.

Can You Spot the Panza?
Wearing a size 10, very unique geometric print that almost never works on the tanchi body – but of course with the Hypatia Petite Corset Top ($118) – there is the ultimate exception. Nothing like power of a corset to make your panza oh so flattering!


Laura’s honorary tanchi status makes petiteness so in this season, wearing a wine colored Jeweled Arezzo Petite Maxi Dress ($298) – wearing a size 0. Love the zipper slit detail on the dress and POCKETS!


We seriously had to stop trying on clothes…

We Loved Everything!
It was a great event put together by the ladies at Anthropologie. They sure pulled out all the stops you can in catering scrumptious hor dourves such as lettuce wraps, bacon wrapped dates, pork sandwiches and so much more.

As part of the event, they also had a unique photo booth – reminiscent of the 15 ft black pillar in the film, ‘2001: Space Odyssey,’ making every photo look very cool without an Instagram filter which you could instantaneously text, Tweet, or email to yourself.



No filtering needed here, or as I always say, curating – the way of the tanchi. Anthro petites has taken away half the curating battle for us (the unpleasant ones) by addressing typical tanchi problems, and allowing us tanchis to enjoy curation for style’s sake and finding cuts that flatter. No filter needed to look fantastic, No settling here for tanchis with Anthro petites.

That’s a wrap at Anthropologie’s Petite Launch with Corey Lynn Calter.
La Bella Tanchi has been covering Anthropologie’s petite line infiltration into stores from the beginning, and you can expect more coverage on their growth. Catch more coverage on Anthropologie’s petite line in a pervious post, Que Yuca ser tanchi, until Anthro did petites!, and, A Tanchi’s Dream Jean; Meet Stevie. Anthropologie has been one of the leaders in offering petite apparel for women that strays away from historical experiences in department stores we’d rather leave in the past. So donut worry, tanchis, be happy! Looking forward to continuing coverage for more great events, collaborations, and fashion, which Anthropologie consistently delivers. Gracias Corey and Anthropologie – tanchis love you! (Even though our carteras (purses) may have a different opinion).

Get in The Great Gatsby Spirit with Anthropologie Petites!

Get your Gatsby on!

The Great Gatsby arrived on DVD yesterday! If you missed dressing up in bebe Gatsby attire for the premiere in theaters, here is your chance, tanchis (and honorary tanchis), to rekindle with the chaos and energy of the roaring 20s!

Bienvenidos to the Jazz Age

It was a time with a pulse, feverish stock exchange, speakeasies, notorious parties, glamour, and decadence — now you can  get your Gatsby on with Anthropologie Petites! Featured in this post is a curated (the way of the tanchi) selection just for you tanchis, while of course staying mindful of the panza needs (especially the shift dress selection). Keep in mind, the only dress pictured that is not officially available in petites is in the center — the Anna Sui ‘Maddalena’ sequined dress. However, I couldn’t resist centering it. It is my favorite of the dresses and such a beautiful, panza friendly garment! With the winter months approaching us, a white fur ‘Antarctique’ coat will be your best friend while being fashionably 20s. By putting on the perfect Gatsby inspired dress,  all you’ll need now is your pearls and your Charleston moves!

Special Gatsby Treat: Accessories and Shoes
Also curated for the Gatsby inspired tanchi are accessories! The last Gastby inspired post with bebe dresses was such a hit that I wanted to offer the 1920s tanchi accessories and shoes too. See below for fantastic clutches, hair accessories, and shoes for your Gatsby needs.

Get in the spirit and enjoy, tanchis! Play a little Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong to help you get in the Jazz Age mood! Adios!


Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Shimmer Channel Dress
Honeyed Lace Dress
Cameo Peplum Dress
Embroidered Tulle Petite Shell with Willa Petite Pencil Skirt
Maddalena Dress
Eclat Dress
Antarctique Jacket
Scalloped Shift Dress
Beaded Charon Dress
Byzantine Laced Sheath


Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Hair Accessories:
Deco Feather Clip
Crystalline Hair Ties
Deco Accent Hair Clip
Double Helix Headband
Safari Turban Headband

Shimmered Coin Clutch
Prancing Plumage Clutch
Fringed Fanfare Clutch
Symphony Clutch
Quinquina Embroidered Pouch
Glaslyn Leather Clutch
Cobalt Lucite Box Clutch

Hither T-Strap Pumps
Cava T-Straps

Orchid Links Necklace

Coming up next on La Bella Tanchi is more Gatsby! Wondering where to wear your Gatsby inspired attire? Part 2 of Breeders Cup at the Bobby Flay’s Taste of the World after party will show the perfect occasion to get your Gatsby on. It’s reminiscent of a Jay Gatsby party, and a post you don’t want to miss!


The Great Gatsby‘, 2013. (C) Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Que Yuca ser tanchi, until Anthro did petites!


Mafalda by Quino Continue reading

A Tanchi’s Dream Jean; meet Stevie

Are you Petite with a quest for a fitting Jean?
You’ll only find Stevie’s for petites at Anthropologie. The Adriano Goldschmied Stevie line is exclusive to the Anthropologie brand and is the best jean I have found yet for this tanchi!

Meet Anthropologie’s Adriano Goldschmied (AG) Stevie!
The only downside to the Stevie is the cost (like most Anthropologie gear–I wish I could splurge on more!). But right now, they’re having a sale and the AG Stevie petite slim straight ankle is going for $49 dollars, down from the $158 regular price. A steal! At regular price, it’s still higher than my beloved bebe, but having a scrunchy bottom free look, while looking fab on my curves, and being a quality soft denim in an unusual color is worth every penny of the Stevie. (It even feels a little weird not to have so much cloth around my ankles!)


What makes the Stevie so good?
The feel of the denim is heavenly! A soft yet stiff denim – easy on my panza and a great hugger on my curves. I hate when a jean pinches your panza when you sit down or goes too stiff after a few washes. In these outfits, I’m wearing a size 29 jean paired with a bebe white peplum top and an Armani black and white pinstriped t-shirt paired with a yellow mustard bebe blazer. Considering the color – I find endless combinations to pair the jeans with. It’s also fun to mix it up from my usual black and white palette! The Stevie is a great traveling pant because of its versatility and comfort. Who wants to sit on 3 and half hour plane ride wearing uncomfortable attire?

When Jet-setting, a Stevie is your best bet
I recently ventured on my annual pilgrimage to the East Coast, and this year also included a new trip to New Orleans! I love the clean cut and classic style out there and that “dressing up” is a norm. I wore my Stevies for 3 days – until the humidity got to be too much and I finally had to switch it up. I went monument hopping in Washington DC at night! Can’t imagine seeing them any other way – the night makes it that much more dramatic and there are less crowds as well!


Where MLK stood and gave “I have a Dream” speech!


The Man – Abraham Lincoln

Museum Hopping in my Stevie’s
I also made my way to the National Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian American Museum of Art for the first time. As a museum nerd and lover – I was in awe!


I only wish I could have stayed longer. I got to see great portraits of some of my heroes: Dolores Huerta and Caesar Chavez. On the art side, the contemporary art floor was my favorite, in particular this large scale installation work by Nam June Paik, Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, 1995. To learn more about this great piece click here. Paik regards the electronic superhighway as real. It is an enormous physical object that occupies a middle ground between the virtual reality of the media and the sprawling country beyond our doors.




Tanchi Does DC
To end my brief DC visit, I got a chance to catch up with one of my old college roomie, Maritoni, over dinner at Matchbox followed by Poste. I have Toni to blame for my bebe ways. Congrats on completing law school! I threw on a multi-colored H&M scarf on with this outfit – the peplum all white top feels like a canvas waiting for an accessory!


Can’t wait for my next visit to the east side! Such great museums and friends, while feeding my love of taking the public transit systems (even if I get lost here and there). So long as I’m in comfort and style with my Stevie’s, I can take on unknown transit systems — even the visual ones Paik’s creates of virtual highways!

Tilly Doro Giveaway
Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a free custom made Tilly Doro coral necklace! You need your protection from evil spirits too! Contest ends Sunday!

Lions and tigers and bears oh my…I have just the outfit for the Menagerie!

Options, Options, Options

It is wonderful to see petite options growing. Shopping for clothes for merely fit is becoming a thing of the past for petites and tanchis. It is becoming more and more of a tanchi problem to have more and more options because clothes with great fit AND style is becoming a reality for petites and tanchis. That means more dents on the wallet but fabulous style options – including this one insprired by the ‘Menagerie.’

Menagerie Inspired Style for the Tanchi

One of my favorite museums in San Diego is the Mingei International Museum. How can I resist when time and time again the exhibitions are well executed with interesting content? I marvel for hours! Currently, they have “Artful Animals from the Permanent Collection” in an exhibition called “Menagerie” until September 8th.The menagerie draws from cultures around the world, making for a zoo of animals. In the show, you’ll find from India – monumental ritual horses of Lord Aiyanar from Tamil Nadu, a maharajah’s steed in painted wood, painted clay animals by Sonabai Rajawar. From Japan, you’ll find paper mache toys, and a horse for a Daimyo’s son and Maneki Neko. Mexico exhibits Manuel Jimenez painted wood figures and Candelario Medrano painted clay mythical animals. There is a horse clad entirely with beads by the Huichol Indians of Jalisco; carousel animals from Spain and the United States of America; armadillos of clay, wood and metal from Central and South America; a monumental stone ram from the Han dynasty of China; Zuni owls; African animal masks; Toikka glass birds from Finland and many other familiar and exotic species.

It promises to be a good one!

What I wore: Anthropologie Carousel Inspired

For my visit to the museum to check out the exhibition, I wore a Painted Carousel Shell from Anthropologie (loose around the panza) that comes in petites! I topped it with a yellow mustard bebe blazer and black bebe cropped pants (how I love my bebe). Great for keeping this tanchi warm in the chilly galleries of museums.


For this inspiration of outfits from the San Diego art and museum scene with the Zara Spring 2013 look book, I used ceramic dinnerware with beautiful blue and white print and animals to pair with spectacular items! Unlikely objects inspiring great style. Here are items that look great for the Menagerie occasion!



Ceramic Printed Blazer
Linen V-neck Tunic
Zebra Print Scarf
Sandal with Metallic Detail
T-Shirt with Lace Back