My Fashion Philosophy

The Kelly Way of Life: My Approach to Style

When it comes to my closet, “once you’re in, you in.” lol. I look for timeless pieces and you ain’t getting a spot otherwise. If you do make it in, it’s because you’re going to be in my closet for a while. For my closet, I really approach what I call the “Kelly way of life.” Kelly Cutrone (one of my inspirations) states “Whoever said less is more was right: the less bullshit and frivolity you have in your life, the more attention you have to focus on what is really going on.

What’s in my wardrobe?

Seems oxymoronic, but perhaps it’s part of growing up. My wardrobe pickings have evolved in that I stick to investing in good basics with a splash here and there. I especially adore neon garments, black and white palettes, white T-shirts, surf fleeces, jumpsuits, and signature ladylike garments. It’s the life lover, keep it simple, surfer, fashion forward, and classic stylist within me. Good clothing construction is undeniably important, and as for “fast fashion” pieces – it’s almost like affirmative action – only a certain quota are admitted.

Curation = my Approach + Wardrobe  

Curation is a constant process in both my closet and everyday dress. Keep it simple, keep it classy San Diego — elegant and flattering.
-La Bella Tanchi

La “tan chiquitia” or (very small one)

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