Pitches, Blogging, Networking, Emailing, Media Plans & Kits! These are a few of my favorite things.

Loved this tweet by Gregory Russell, winner of the tweeting competition (he is good), and fellow Fashion PR enthusiast with whom I got to #PRnerd it up at Fashion PR Con in NYC! Tanchis be going places! #SiSePuede


It was the ultimate meeting of the #PRNerds with some of the most amazing girls in the industry hosting, Crosby Noricks and Danika Daly. Bringing together aspiring publicists from all over the country and world, I am incredibly grateful I was among those in attendance.


Photo Credit: Alexandra Dimichino

What is Fashion PR Con?
It is straight up Chevere (awesome). It’s perfect any for aspiring publicist-in-the-making, especially in their “This Isn’t College Anymore” stage in life (for near post college, post college, and post entry-level professionals). Fashion PR Confidential is the first of its kind. It’s a two-day workshop unlocking the secrets of fashion PR. This year it took place at WE CREATE NYC. I really recommend this experience to anyone aspiring to be a publicist in fashion.


As a career jumper, not pursing the grad school route to do it, finding networks and participating in professional development of this kind is essential for success. Fashion PR Con provides the ultimate crash course with practical tips and know-hows for working in the industry. Just remember to bring your flats for the 8 flights of stairs to climb! Que Yuca! …but it’s so worthwhile.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Dimichino

What Happens at Fashion PR Con?
Absolutely everything– accomplishing a great deal in one weekend! We created mini PR plans on day 1, working with groups of great minds who all think alike. We all brought a variety of perspectives and skills, and were able to make great connections including with a fellow San Dieagan, Angelina, and Tatiana from Canada. We came from SD to NYC! Represent!


On day 2 we got personal one-on-one feedback on our crafted pitches, participated in a speed networking round, and learned from the wise in the industry – including editor, Julia Rubin from Teen Vogue,Jinna Boo of the fantastic fashion blog, Grease and Glamour and publicist at Club Monaco, and finally a digital PR guru from The Row, Ruthie Friedlander. Did I mention there were cupcakes involved? The panza got the love from Megs Sweet Treats!


What I wore to Fashion PR Con: Professional Attire from Anthropologie
Networking events and professional development opportunities are important for growth in any career. In fact, Ruthie Friedlander advised us to “stay at a job as long as you are still learning, when you’ve stopped…you’re quitting.” I really enjoy conferences and workshops actually; it is the lifelong learner in me.

When attending, I make sure to dress for the occasion, not only because I love it, but because there is something powerful about dress and overall presentation. In a previous post, on professional attire in the teaching industry, Trendy Teachers what we can learn from Obama, I share how I’d like to put part of the blame on the way teachers dress as reason to why we are so underpaid and undervalued. Sounds harsh, but Julia Rubin’s comment of “be professional so editors take you and your clients seriously“, really struck a chord with me for this reason. Although Julia purposed this in the context of email etiquette to an editor, professionalism is important when dressing, especially for the Fashion PR career – style is a uniform. For the fellow tanchinistas, here is how I curated style – the tanchi way:


I wore Anthropologie.
I love my Anthropologie, there is no secret there. They are one of the leading petite apparel offerings for tanchis and have an endless array of panza friendly attire. I wore a pair of High Halls Pumps by Miss Albright in a wine color suede with glittery light pink sparkles – a perfect height for the business occasion and just the right amount of glitz to be able to wear to a “business casual” event. Since I wore a fun shoe, I paired it with more neutral tones and conservative attire. I wore black bebe (of course) Kristie pants (size 10), a similar pair is the Petite Dania Skinny Pant. Finally, a petite size M, Striped Candence Top – or as I like to call my peter pan collared Chanel-like top that I have worn numerous times since purchasing. In fact, I previously wore this very outfit to an Anthropologie Petite Shop event with designer Corey Lynn Calter. I have no shame in repeating an outfit – in fact I embrace it with my mantra of “less is more.” I love when I get the most use I can out of an outfit. I find that with Anthropologie attire you get longevity and versatility in most of their garments.

Why I went to Fashion PR Con
“Coupled with a big yucky fear that I didn’t look right (read: wasn’t thin/pretty enough) or have the right connections/confidence to play the part of aspiring fashion editor in New York City meant that I only applied to college in California. I went to the one that offered me the most scholarship money, but no classes in fashion, advertising, marketing, nada.” -Crosby Noricks, from Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR

When I read that upon the first pages of Crosby Norick’s book (which by the way every aspiring fashion PR girl has to read this!), I was hooked. She essentially called out the invisible script I’d been playing in my head for years and now that I have “outgrown my old script,” I can’t believe how freeing the experience has been and how incredibly hard the growth was. All thanks to the personal finance guru I follow and his ideas on “invisible scripts” – Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach you To Be Rich.

What’s Personal Finance got to do with Fashion PR Dreams?
One of my favorite bloggers and thought leaders is Ramit Sethi. He writes about personal finance, but really so much more. I discovered his blog about 2 years ago and it dramatically changed my life. By applying what I call “Ramitting,” I’ve been able to negotiate credit card APR rates, create a budget for blogging, and most recently, conquer ‘invisible scripts’ to pursue a career in fashion and lifestyle PR.

What are Invisible Scripts?
An invisible script is an assumption that is so baked in to how you view the world and your choices that you don’t even question it. It often involves an inner voice telling you what you should do, need to do, or can’t do

Ramit writes about invisible scripts in his blog post, The Invisible Scripts that Guide Our Life. Beliefs are pre-written by our societal values and my invisible script is much like that of Crosby Noricks’ story and not feeling adequate to be a PR Girl. Needless to say, I read every page of the text with great conviction.

I Thought the Dream was Completely Out of Reach.
The most important lesson I learned from my career experience is that I choose not to pursue “fashion passions” (Kelly Cutrone would kill for the use of such a phrase) because I was afraid I would be seen as selfish and superficial for leaving such important work (teaching)- work that makes a difference in this world. In fact, I would hide my Kelly Cutrone books and lock the door when I read them during my convent days in my teacher service program. But here I am, a graduate of Fashion PR Confidential and making my way in the Fashion PR world with panza and all.


Hashtag #FashionPrCon
Follow the hashtag ‪#fashionprcon for great info, insights, + pics! Wishful thinking, but wish I was still waking up to attend another day of ‪Fashion PR Con this morning! Some of my favorite takeaways were the digital workbook, and great swag bag with goodies from Tattly Designy Temporary Tattoos, Pretty Please Nail Polish, Rifle Paper CoJamberry NailsTeen Vogue, and PR Couture.


There is a God
Hearing the success stories of Danika Daily and Crosby Noricks was the best. Muchisimas Gracias to these ladies and to Ruthie Friedlander for the 101 on digital PR and metrics, Julia Rubin for the inside scoop on how to get an editor to love you, and Jinna Boo for insights on how to work with bloggers. Just so you know Ruthie thinks, “It’s so sexy when a girl can code”, Julia “has a lot of feelings about emails,” and Jinna believes “there is a God” when you get your first big break as blogger. Loved it all, Hasta Luego Tanchis!


“I’ve been infected” by Disclosure at Symmetry Live at the W Hotel San Diego

For your reading pleasure: “F for You” by Disclosure (T-E-E-D mix)

W Hotel San Diego, Symmetry Live, and Disclosure & Posso


“I’ve been infected”…by good music and live concert by none other than Disclosure held on the rooftop of the W Hotel San Diego. W Hotels Worldwide brought Symmetry Live to San Diego as part of the hotel’s ongoing live concert series, curating music performances by what’s new and next in music. Performing this private set was international sensation, Disclosure, the duo of U.K. brothers playing their electronic sounds with an opening by DJs and avant-garde designers, Posso.


As an electronic music lover – upon receiving the invite, I awaited for the performance in great anticipation and spent the coming weeks blasting SoundCloud mixes of their great titles such as “White Noise” and “When A Fire Starts To Burn,” (I’m sure my neighbors love me). To add to the excitement, the show was part of ‘Symmetry Live,’ known for being a great platform for supporting emerging artists in the U.S. and offering insider access to up and coming music.


What I wore: ‘Tanchi Concert Wear’
As a tanchi, I prepared my concert wear by curating a tanchi friendly all black outfit. My leather jacket from Express (previously tailored) was a must since the show would be held on the rooftop, and a GUESS? top, sleeveless scoop neck chain tank with pockets, providing comfort around the panza (I went through a GUESS? phase years back). Gotta dress right for the panza! For pants, my Party in the Front, Work in the Back Bebe skinny jeans were my go-to once again. Can’t go to a concert without my handy dandy fanny pack – love being hands free at a concert!


The tanchi and the tall!

And for the most important item when planning for ‘tanchi concert wear’ – shoes — it had to be my bebe boots. Here’s why:

Tanchi Problems: I Can Never See at Concerts
You know you’re a tanchi (and honorary), when you’re at a concert, and you get the “Can you see?” questions. Jennifer, a fellow tanchi, was telling me that “My friends are always like CAN YOU SEE?…No, I can never see! I’m used to it!” Que Yuca!

For tanchis, concerts are a problem. You can’t always see over the heads of people and once you’re out of high school, crowd surfing isn’t socially acceptable anymore (or safe – what was I thinking! – Oh Warped Tour)

Out beat tanchiness: ‘Tanchi Tricks’ for Concerts
But I have a tanchi trick – wear 3-inch heels. When covering a concert – wear 3-inchers AND do blind shooting – it’s the only way. I can recall when I managed to out beat my tanchiness at Coachella Music Festival this year. I was wearing TOMS shoes and managed to find a trash stand that I had to do a delicate balancing act on so I could stand and not have it break underneath me. It’s crazy, but it’s all in the name of music and is worthwhile just to catch the epicness of the Red Hot Chili Peppers closing this year’s festival.

Trash cans aren’t always readily available, so I make sure to wear a good heel and trust my camera powers to get the shoots as I raise my arms above my head and click away. It seems obvious, but a good heel and some lambswool go along way to help with the concert viewing experience.

My Go-To Concert 3-incher: bebe (of course)
For the W Hotel San Diego’s intimate live performance I did just that. Ecstatic to attend, I made sure to find the perfect heel and of course I turned to my go-to bebe. I wore what I call my “I’m going to kill you boots” but bebe calls them the Evie Lace Up Suede Boot ($189). Once laced up, your foot and ankle are strapped in and even when your feet get tired – your good. Not my usual price point for shoes but I made an exception because I have MUCHISIMO AMOR for these BOTAS!


To add comfort, I’ll share my tanchi secret with closed toed 3-inchers which is wear lambs wool inserts/pads on the toes. This is the secret to how ballerinas comfortably and gracefully dance ontop of their pointe shoes. You can buy them at any dance store and it will save your toessies when strutin’ the killer heel.


Smoke Effects in your Disclosure Cocktail
Ready with my camera and concert going outfit, my friend Laura and I cheered on with our blinking blue #WMUSIC wristbands and cocktails in hand. The event served complimentary signature drinks with names like “White Noise” and other song titles. The most epic was the “Stimulation” drink – a pink Cosmo served with dry ice – making for a fun, smoking, bubbling effect before cocktail sippin.


Technical Difficulties are a Win for this Tanchi
When the show started, you can bet all the camera phones came out as Disclosure opened with smoke effects and a light show.




I was one happy tanchi singing along with the great crowd. After a few songs and some technical difficulties, the duo moved the set inside into the ‘Living Room’ where I, alas, was able to see the duo with a clear view – solving my tanchi problema for this concert.






Symmetry Live
A great time at the W Hotel, San Diego can always be count on. The venue has become a regular spot for me and I continue to look forward to all the great future events!


It was a great music experience by Symmetry Live and I hope another one will make its way to San Diego – who wouldn’t want to return for a great show with a balance between the sounds of artists and how they represent the symmetry between the W lifestyle?


Love chandeliers!

Check out Disclosure’s most recent track here:

Photo Credits to Christian Posada and Jeff Corrigan. Thanks!

Del Mar Tracks & A Petite Jumpsuit

What to wear for a day at the races?
At Del Mar Thoroughbred Club with America’s Best Racing – I can only wear my best: A petite jumpsuit courtesy of The Petite Shop. The Petite shop is the first online store dedicated exclusively to petite clothing for women 5′ 4″. Sold exclusively right now – gasp – is a petite jumpsuit!


Jumpsuits for Petites
As any petite knows, jumpsuits are problematic because rarely do they fit and are difficult to tailor. Petite jumpsuits are a rare find, but Elizabeth, owner of the Petite Shop, collaborated with, Los Angeles based, District Collection to create a made-for-tanchi jumpsuit with a 30’inch seam in a navy colored jersey like material, making it ideal for panza coverage! A jumpsuit I can actually wear chanclas (sandals) with if I wanted to!



What to expect at Del Mar Race Track Tracks
When America’s Best Racing Ambassadors tour invited San Diegan bloggers to join racing fans at Del Mar Racetracks – I couldn’t wait to wear the rarity for a day of horses while mingling, handicapping (horse race betting), drinking, and eating, followed by a concert from the reggae group, SOJA — live afterwards via backstage access! Formely known as Soldiers of Jah Army, is a band based in Arlington, Virginia in the Northern Virginia / Washington D.C. area. Among the favorites were “Rest of my Life’ and “I Don’t Want to Wait.” As we listened to great music, it made for a perfect summer time evening experience at the tracks in San Diego. How I love my San Diego!

Check out SOJA’s track, ” When We Were Younger”


Love horse racing.
It was a great weekend at the tracks spent with Mary and the gang – learning all about racing culture, handicapping (horse race betting), horses, and chatting about the social and lifestyle aspects of racetracks. If you’re in San Diego – Del Mar Racetracks are a must for the summer time! Especially with their after the races concert series.


What I wore: A Petite Shop Petite Jumpsuit, Anthropologie accessories, a dash of ‘Marie Antoinette’, and go-to summer wedges by DV
I love horse racing and in a previous post, On your mark, get set, Go! To Opening Day in fabulous hat style!, I featured Del Mar Racetracks with hat style and great fashion for wearing to the races. I love dressing up for the occasion! Curation is the way of the ‘tanchi’ and was put to work for curating my horse track attire with the navy jumpsuit. I paired it with what I call my ‘Marie Antoinette’ necklace, because of it’s French décor color scheme by Anthropologie, as well as a dark brown braided leather belt, also by Anthropologie. I wore my go-to summer tan leather wedge by Dolce Vita. It’s such a great jumpsuit because of the fit (size small, but could go a size up), and also because the suit is like a canvas asking to get styled. There are so many options for styling it and it’s great to look chic while being comfy too! They’re like chic jammies that can be transformed endlessly!


#AmericasBestRacing and #AmericasBestFashion
At the races you’ll see the best fashion – great dresses, shoes, hats, and fascinators. Mary from the team wore a hot pink and orange maxi dress from Miami designer, Ramona LaRue, that was a hit! It is these aspects of social and lifestyle that are getting pushed to promote horse racing amongst millennials.

Two years ago the Jockey Club who runs Thoroughbred Racing Club (think NFL of horse racing) asked, where is Thoroughbred Racing going? In response, they decided to make an effort to reach new audiences and assembled a millennial marketing team that pushed social and lifestyle angels while promoting racing’s best events. Tada, meet America’s Best Racing!



What happens at the races?
It is always a great time at the races and I had a little luck winning some cash bets! The great thing about betting on races is that it is different from slot machines and other card games. Handicapping (horse betting) can involve so much — from jockey history, horse history, racetrack history, type of horse, type of track, critics’ favorites and longshot, and all sorts of other stats.

We got to catch the big race – the Pacific Classic where ‘Game on Dude’ had a victory! I am looking forward to catching the super bowl of race horsing at Breeders Cup this coming November 1st and 2nd at Santa Anita Park in Los Angeles. Track horses are beautiful and are great athletes. The tradition of racing and handicapping (betting strategy) leave one to fall in love with sport and build a connection to it while having so much fun enjoying the whole scene.




Move over Doyers! 
It was great time cheering on horses, ‘Go is the Ocean’ and ‘Go Wave Catching’, listening to great reggae music on a summer night, and admiring the beauty and athleticism of the horses on the paddick pre-race time. The tracks are a great time for any age, for family time or with friends, or even to scoop out the latest fashion and music scene. Move over Doyers! Tailgating and America’s past time have been great fun, but I’ve got a new sport I’m routing for!



Pictured here on day two, what I wore is a black silky tank by Madewell paired with a white high-low maxi skirt from Buffalo Exchange, gold flip flops, and a black and gold statement necklace from Nordstroms. Black and white purse by bebe (of course), I just can’t leave home without my bebe.


Pictured here is Racing Queen, Tatiana, wearing a fabulous hot pink dress with a matching fascinator. Continue reading

Si Se Puede wear neon in the workplace with Gambita style

This past week has been filled with Si Se Puede spirit in the air. It was big week! DOMA was dismissed in the U.S. Supreme court, immigration reform legislation passed in Congress and Sonia Sotomayor – first Latina Supreme Court Justice – had her birthday this week! Carrying on the Si Se Puede mood – I am si se pueding it by featuring neon attire for the workplace – it can be done. Especially at Gambita – an online boutique shopping experience for fashion-forward petites.

Wearable neon garments for the workplace are tricky. The color and cut have to be just right. It’s no where near the task of fighting for gay marriage and immigration reform, but curating attire for the workplace with neon garments is by far one of the most challenging for me to pull off. It’s why the neon green Ryder Shirt by Alice & Trixie was a garment I just had to style and feature on this blog! It is one of the pricier items at Gambita, but they are offering La Bella Tanchi readers a special promo! Just enter Gambita4LaBellaTanchi at checkout for 25% off all items in your order!


Last week I featured a Day-to-Night look with the gorgeous coral Lena Tank, also available at Gambita. They have so many garments for sale that are incredibly versatile!


For today’s post, I paired the Ryder shirt with pleather shorts from Forever 21, an animal print belt from bebe (of course), black Toms shoes, and neon pink studs from Express – previously featured in my first post on neon attire for the workplace.


I choose black bottoms since it’s a great color to work with for the work outfit and nightlife outfit also.


For the work look, I paired the Ryder with an Express black pencil skirt (similar here) and my “Party in the front, Work in the back” bebe leatherette panel icon skinny jeans for night time.


No matter what the mean girls say – I stand by my vests, and I paired one with the Ryder skirt a navy pinstriped one from the Gap. It’s a great way to make the Ryder shirt work-appropriate. You’ll notice one of the great and uncommon features of the Ryder shirt is the open back cut-out! This is wonderful for day and night, but not so much for the workplace. It’s why a vest is a great way to hide the cut-out – not to mention also to tone done the bright neon color and create a slimming look (dark colors) – making me look taller and covering the panza.


The Ryder shirt is a tanchi and panza friendly shirt. There’s no tailoring necessary and it falls just right on my petite proportions. It does the trick of making the panza look fab whether tucked in such as in the day and work looks, or hanging loose. The last component to make the switches happen, is simply swapping the Toms for Alfani black patent and blue suede pumps which are great for work and night time.


Bright Blue and neon green is a favorite color combo pairing of mine. For years, I didn’t wear this Macy’s shoe clearance find, but eventually started wearing them all the time when I discovered great neon pairing. They’re a fun shoe, yet professional – again great for sporting the color but having some darker hues to tone it down.



With just a few swamps, this tanchi is ready for the workplace to strut the neon or for any occasion in a jam-packed day! Neon on neon with a touch of classy black garments makes this Ryder shirt a great addition to the tanchi and panza friendly only closet!

If you have loved the Lena Tank and Ryder top thus far, be sure to check out the great selection at Gambita. Here a few of my favorites!


Beth Romper

Jayne Dress

Mya Top

Tulip Skirt

In addition to the great selection at Gambita, the service is impressive! Especially since Gambita is a start-up. Often, petite apparel is only available online which makes for a hassle with shipping and handling, but Gambita offers free shipping and returns. I have to say, I have yet to encounter a comparable online shopping experience that’s as good as the one with Zappos.com. I love places that make it an ease to shop and Gambita does it right! This wont be the last tanchis of Gambita features – she’s got fresh stock and it all so fitting for my petiteness and the panza!

Thanks to Tyson Gardner for the photos! I’m excited to start collaborating with this photographer on upcoming shoots!

On your mark, get set, Go! To Opening Day in fabulous hat style!

Welcome to ‘Opening Day’!
More than 45,000+ race fans gather on the Opening Day of the thoroughbred racing season at Del Mar Racetracks for fabulous, fashionable and fun festivities!


Since moving to San Diego, I’ve made it a tradition to go to the race every year with the Juarez family. This year it is taking place July 17th – right around the corner! Don’t wait to get your hat!

The ‘lost’ accessory: the Hat
I absolutely love horses and to wear old school hats, especially because hats are like a lost accessory in everyday attire – and millinery is such a beautiful craft! Del Mar’s annual tradition, the “One and Only Truly Fabulous Hats Contest” brings out some of the most creative and stylish hats. It’s a unique event for sure with only the Kentucky Derby coming close with hat celebrations.

What I wore: a hat from Therapie Boutique, bebe (of course), and a dash of rouche draping
My first year, I didn’t realize how elaborate the hats would be. I went with a simple hat with black trim tied with black ribbon from a local hat shop and a beige ruffle GUESS? dress. The following year I upped the hat and dress. I decked out in a bold teal colored hat from Therapie Boutique – San Diego’s First Fashion Truck, and a bebe white printed flower dress that was altered to be tanchi friendly by adding darts to the back, leaving the satin black ribbon trim intact on the shoulders. Without the pseudo ‘darts’ the dress didn’t fall right on the top, making for awkward gaps on the neckline (typical tanchi problems) and a sinking cowl draping on the front. I love this dress most of all for its rouche draping (a great French technique that helps hides the panza). I topped it off with my bebe Casey heels in nude and black patent, reminiscent of art deco. They’re perfect for a Gatsby-like summer party at the racetracks look. Check out my curation – the tanchi way, for a day at the races over the years:


Therapie Boutique – San Diego’s first fashion truck has ‘Opening Day’ needs
I stumbled upon Therapie Boutique by chance. I’m an avid farmers’ market shopper and they happened to have their truck at the North Park farmers’ market in San Diego. They had such a great selection of clothing, accessories, and especially hats and fascinators! Picking out a hat took me a bit of time and it was hard for me not to walk away with more items. My teal colored hat came out to about $60 – while my 1st year hat from Hats Unlimited in La Jolla was about $30. This year I’m switching it up a bit and wearing a fascinator instead – a one of kind piece crafted beautiful by Linda Friedmen in New Orleans (Nola)!

Tanchi adventures in Nola (such a rager town) and an amazing experience!
I got to visit a Plantation, a swamp, and eat all sorts of typical cuisine from Fried Aligor to Bacon wrapped Oysters. It’s just a beautiful place, yet sad. Remnants of Katrina are still apparent years later.





All the way from NOLA: Golden Feathers and Vintage Bling
Heading over to the French Quarter, my pretty half, Hezzie, and I came upon the Saturday night street market where artists sold their fabulosity. Linda’s fascinator selection (a style of millinery kind of like “mini hats” or headpieces) was hard to walk away from!

I ended up selecting a beautiful fascinator with golden feathers and vintage bling. Linda’s pieces are a bit pricier, but worth the price for her use of quality material and exceptional design. I’m just not that into the generic and uncomfortable head pieces you can find at Claire’s for example for half the cost. The feathers in this piece are luscious – so bright in their color and each one unique–a perfect piece for Opening Day, a Gatsby themed party, or Halloween! She travels far for her materials – often going as far as NYC! Her stuff is not available elsewhere because it sells out that fast, but you can contact her via email for custom orders or current availability. Linda is a true millinery artist! Here are pics from her great selection.





That’s a Wrap for this Tanchi at the French Quarter
To end the night on my Nola visit, I got a poem written about surfing by Heath who had a typewriter on the poetry corner. A beautiful poem about my beloved ocean. I knew Nola was fun while it lasted, but it was time to head back to home to beautiful San Diego.


From Nola to SD, this tanchi is Opening Day ready with my fascinator for the big day! That is if Billie, my quarter half, doesn’t run away with it first (or eat my protection from evil spirits coral statement necklace!)


Enter the giveaway to win your Tilly Doro coral necklace now before Billie goes cookie monster mode!

Thanks Pretty Half for photos!

A Tanchi’s Dream Jean; meet Stevie

Are you Petite with a quest for a fitting Jean?
You’ll only find Stevie’s for petites at Anthropologie. The Adriano Goldschmied Stevie line is exclusive to the Anthropologie brand and is the best jean I have found yet for this tanchi!

Meet Anthropologie’s Adriano Goldschmied (AG) Stevie!
The only downside to the Stevie is the cost (like most Anthropologie gear–I wish I could splurge on more!). But right now, they’re having a sale and the AG Stevie petite slim straight ankle is going for $49 dollars, down from the $158 regular price. A steal! At regular price, it’s still higher than my beloved bebe, but having a scrunchy bottom free look, while looking fab on my curves, and being a quality soft denim in an unusual color is worth every penny of the Stevie. (It even feels a little weird not to have so much cloth around my ankles!)


What makes the Stevie so good?
The feel of the denim is heavenly! A soft yet stiff denim – easy on my panza and a great hugger on my curves. I hate when a jean pinches your panza when you sit down or goes too stiff after a few washes. In these outfits, I’m wearing a size 29 jean paired with a bebe white peplum top and an Armani black and white pinstriped t-shirt paired with a yellow mustard bebe blazer. Considering the color – I find endless combinations to pair the jeans with. It’s also fun to mix it up from my usual black and white palette! The Stevie is a great traveling pant because of its versatility and comfort. Who wants to sit on 3 and half hour plane ride wearing uncomfortable attire?

When Jet-setting, a Stevie is your best bet
I recently ventured on my annual pilgrimage to the East Coast, and this year also included a new trip to New Orleans! I love the clean cut and classic style out there and that “dressing up” is a norm. I wore my Stevies for 3 days – until the humidity got to be too much and I finally had to switch it up. I went monument hopping in Washington DC at night! Can’t imagine seeing them any other way – the night makes it that much more dramatic and there are less crowds as well!


Where MLK stood and gave “I have a Dream” speech!


The Man – Abraham Lincoln

Museum Hopping in my Stevie’s
I also made my way to the National Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian American Museum of Art for the first time. As a museum nerd and lover – I was in awe!


I only wish I could have stayed longer. I got to see great portraits of some of my heroes: Dolores Huerta and Caesar Chavez. On the art side, the contemporary art floor was my favorite, in particular this large scale installation work by Nam June Paik, Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, 1995. To learn more about this great piece click here. Paik regards the electronic superhighway as real. It is an enormous physical object that occupies a middle ground between the virtual reality of the media and the sprawling country beyond our doors.




Tanchi Does DC
To end my brief DC visit, I got a chance to catch up with one of my old college roomie, Maritoni, over dinner at Matchbox followed by Poste. I have Toni to blame for my bebe ways. Congrats on completing law school! I threw on a multi-colored H&M scarf on with this outfit – the peplum all white top feels like a canvas waiting for an accessory!


Can’t wait for my next visit to the east side! Such great museums and friends, while feeding my love of taking the public transit systems (even if I get lost here and there). So long as I’m in comfort and style with my Stevie’s, I can take on unknown transit systems — even the visual ones Paik’s creates of virtual highways!

Tilly Doro Giveaway
Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a free custom made Tilly Doro coral necklace! You need your protection from evil spirits too! Contest ends Sunday!

Gatsby Premiere Attire!

For your viewing pleasure: Fergie remix of “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”

Alas The Great Gatsby movie premieres tonight! For anyone showing up in Gatsby attire, here are some great dresses brought to by my love – bebe! Most are tank like – easy on the panza and will make a tanchi 1920s Gatsby chic! Feathers, sequins, art deco – I was born in the wrong era! Enjoy!


Beaded Fringe Dress

Art Deco V-Neck Embellished Silk Dress

Sequin & Bead Tank Dress

Feather Trim Sequin Studded Dress -bebeBLACK

Sleeveless Bead Dress

Art Deco Embellished Shift Dress

Isis Sequin Feather Dress

Sequin & Lace Shift Dress