Donut Worry, Be happy with Corey Lynn Calter for Anthro Petites

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Donut Worry, Be Happy because
Anthropologie Petites and Corey Lynn Calter have come together for petite and panza perfect attire!


Doughnuts Equal Panza
When I think of famous panzas…I think Homer Simpson gets a special premio (prize)– a gold medal for this one.

homersimpsondonutmachine(C) Credit: ‘The Simpsons’

Puchica! (Salvadoran caliche for Wow!) Look at that panza!

Since childhood I have watched the Simpsons, and what will forever be engrained in my memory is Homer Simpson’s doughnut obsession. It’s quite iconic really. I suppose Homer’s panza accomplishments are reassuring for the tanchi. I mean who can say no to a doughnut that’s elegant, scrumptious, and irresistibly good–looking, specifically the ones made by the #1 voted donut shop in LA Weekly?


They certainly can’t escape this tanchi or the tall and honorary tanchi that came with me to check out the new collection by Anthropologie Petites and meet Corey Lynn Calter herself! Rest assured all you panza lovers! Now with Corey Lynn Calter’s designs for petites, doughnuts are okay for tanchis, especially if they are the kind made by The Donut Snob.


With Laura – honorary tanchi to my left, and Stephanie – the tall to my right

If Marie Antoinette were alive today, she’d ditch the macaroons for the Donut Snob.
No snob can resist these! If you have never thought you’d find yourself “checking out” doughnuts – at Anthropologie’s Petite Shop in Santa Monica, California – you would have here. The presentation of it all had that special Anthropologie touch – the kind you drool over in their infamous catalogues, where you want everything in sight as you turn the pages of their wonderland (or walk in the store, really). Stacks of caramel, berries, sprinkles, and other delicious doughnut toppings were paired with some wine and bubbly – it was a great start to a monumental event in petite world! Anthropologie is now launching in 7 stores their petites line! Tanchis – were talking actual made-for-petite clothes in a store! Exciting times!


Although many historical critics have said Marie Antoinette never said to “Let them eat cake,” I’m sure at this occasion she would have said “Let them eat doughnuts” because now, tanchis, we can have our doughnut and eat it too. Be happy.

How so? With:

Panza Perfect Attire brought to you by Corey Lynn Calter
Meet Corey Lynn Calter, a designer who inherited a sewing machine from her grandfather, a tailor from Italy, and a sense of color from her mother, an interior designer. Corey’s been making her own clothes since her teenage years in Philadelphia. Nowadays, you can find her clothes in so many places featuring original prints, flattering cuts, and classic silhouettes. She’s also known for her maxis and jumpsuits – when I heard she was making exclusive petite clothing with long time collaborator Anthropologie – you can imagine the excitement that filled me!


The tall and the tanchi – looking down and looking up!


The tall and honorary tanchi meeting designer Corey Lynn Calter (center)

Tanchi Problems: Everything Fits, Mi Pobre Wallet
Everything I tried on fit. Everything. I mean everything – maxis, peplums, dresses you name it. Tanchis, with Anthro petites – our pobre (poor) wallets, but a win for our wardrobes! As fellow honorary tanchi, Laura, put it — now the problem we have as petites has changed. Now that everything fits – it’s like a whole new world has opened up to us where we can get fit and style at the same time. It’s what Aladdin and Jasmine must of felt like riding on the Magic Carpet.

IMG_4774 anthropologiepetites IMG_4786 IMG_4792

“A Whole New World”
Would you look at that: no panza. Boy, do I love a dress that can work that panza magic. Check out this Malmaison Petite Floral Dress ($198) – wearing a size 8. It’s a fantastic silk-tencel fabric with great hues for the floral print, a lady-like button up back, and a tailored silhouette that dares to use waist piping, yet doesn’t bring unwanted attention to the panza. This dress requires absolutely no alternations and I can see it easily becoming a staple in my closet! That’s right – no alternations. I’ve paired it with a swanky and very pretty burgundy velvet shoe that glitters light pink– these High Halls Pumps ($158) by Miss Albright are definite head turners!


Remember that with Corey Lynn Calter’s designs you get an original print, a flattering cut, and classic silhouette – well every garment passes the test. Check out these other garments by Corey Lynn Calter.

Can You Spot the Panza?
Wearing a size 10, very unique geometric print that almost never works on the tanchi body – but of course with the Hypatia Petite Corset Top ($118) – there is the ultimate exception. Nothing like power of a corset to make your panza oh so flattering!


Laura’s honorary tanchi status makes petiteness so in this season, wearing a wine colored Jeweled Arezzo Petite Maxi Dress ($298) – wearing a size 0. Love the zipper slit detail on the dress and POCKETS!


We seriously had to stop trying on clothes…

We Loved Everything!
It was a great event put together by the ladies at Anthropologie. They sure pulled out all the stops you can in catering scrumptious hor dourves such as lettuce wraps, bacon wrapped dates, pork sandwiches and so much more.

As part of the event, they also had a unique photo booth – reminiscent of the 15 ft black pillar in the film, ‘2001: Space Odyssey,’ making every photo look very cool without an Instagram filter which you could instantaneously text, Tweet, or email to yourself.



No filtering needed here, or as I always say, curating – the way of the tanchi. Anthro petites has taken away half the curating battle for us (the unpleasant ones) by addressing typical tanchi problems, and allowing us tanchis to enjoy curation for style’s sake and finding cuts that flatter. No filter needed to look fantastic, No settling here for tanchis with Anthro petites.

That’s a wrap at Anthropologie’s Petite Launch with Corey Lynn Calter.
La Bella Tanchi has been covering Anthropologie’s petite line infiltration into stores from the beginning, and you can expect more coverage on their growth. Catch more coverage on Anthropologie’s petite line in a pervious post, Que Yuca ser tanchi, until Anthro did petites!, and, A Tanchi’s Dream Jean; Meet Stevie. Anthropologie has been one of the leaders in offering petite apparel for women that strays away from historical experiences in department stores we’d rather leave in the past. So donut worry, tanchis, be happy! Looking forward to continuing coverage for more great events, collaborations, and fashion, which Anthropologie consistently delivers. Gracias Corey and Anthropologie – tanchis love you! (Even though our carteras (purses) may have a different opinion).

Coachella Fashion! And Fanny Pack haven

For your reading pleasure: ‘Californication’ by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers


Dear Coachella: you are so dirty, hot, and you have weird rules, but all for the love of music. You are a great time.

Coachella Music Festival is a marvel to me. In retrospect; the whole thing just doesn’t really make sense. Let’s get some of the best music artists together and put in them in the middle of nowhere where it’s ridiculously hot and dirty, get a bunch of free spirits and party people to coordinate a 3-day journey, and charge a lot of money to participate. Low and behold, it’s a huge success. It sells out every year, and this year within an hour!

I came for the Fashion
Nonetheless, Coachella is great for the music, epic light shows, art installations, and of course, fashion! Every year I see the coverage on various media outlets. Last year, I noted great outfits from the Refinery 29 in Festival Fashion! 50 Hot Snaps From Coachella. This year I used, Nubry’s 20 Outfit Ideas: What To Wear To Coachella This Year to prepare for the occasion.

Tanchi Problema: Too HOT for curated fashion!
Sadly, most of the outfits I carefully curated for the occasion didn’t get worn. Coachella is HOT, and I ended up opting for jean shorts and a breezy top for the whole weekend. I lived in my black TOMS since chanclas were out due to walking in dirt all day. Props to all the fashionistas out there who wear their best. I wore forever 21 black jean cut off shorts, an H&M light pink peasant top (covers my panza), turquoise stone necklace from a street vendor, cheap sunnies, and my Coachella wrist band (a must). This tanchi is festival ready!


(Thanks Maddie for the picture!)

What I wore to Coachella: Headbands – a Coachella Staple
Once I saw the conditions, I opted to go casual on accessories (so as not to ruin them). I wore elastic printed hair ties for bracelets and a rose quartz bracelet. My favorite accessory to wear was the tan bird printed turbin-style headband from Nordstrom’s. Headbands are like Coachella staple in addition to crochet tops, fringe boots, cut off short, maxis, and floppy hats.

Nordstrom Headbands
My favorite place to go for headbands is Nordstrom’s. They are pricier headbands, but from experience, it’s the only quality head band I’ve come across that doesn’t give you a headache or that awkward bob in your hair from the cinch. I have some from H&M and Forever 21 that I almost always end up taking off. The Nordstrom’s ones are comfortable and come in great designs! The turbin-style one is currently being sold in floral prints. And some of my other favorites are the black and white tribal print twist knot headband, and the flower cluster headband.


A fanny pack is a tanchi’s best friend at music festivals
Another Coachella-friendly accessory I sported was my wallet-like metallic fanny pack. I have had this fanny pack forever and love to make use of it! So much better than a clutch or wristlet even for girls night out!


I got a great tip from a fellow coachellaer, her fanny pack was airbrushed with a DJ My Little Pony. She told me about Electric Laundry that essentially specializes in custom made music festival/raver gear. They make beautiful festival, rave, dj, and other theme inspired bralettes, fanny packs, etc. Some of my favorites are the Hello Kitty fanny pack and The Great Gatsby Inspired bralette.


The superhero collection is fantastic!

Coachella Fashion
I must have taken at least 100 plus photos of fashion inspiration. Two of my favorite looks showed off great style, but more so are my favorite because their practical for the walking factor, weather, and price.


By day three, I could not stand going hatless anymore. She as a great hat on, a crossover, brown mid-calf boots, Urban Outfitters striped cut off shorts, and a chambray from Forever 21. So Coachella, so stylish.

The second outfit is impeccable style! She even had old school Pez used for a necklace! She is wearing a floppy hat and used a headband to add a décor to it. A turquoise crossover, black crochet top with a pink swimsuit underneath (yes it gets that hot), haviana flip lops, and printed flowy skirt. So chic, so comfortable, and festival iconic!

The day the music died
Music just isn’t the same after my Coachella experience. Some of my favorites of the weekend were the Bingo Players and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did, but I found a great spot giving me an impeccable 360 view of the festival during the Red Hot Chili Pepper show (tanchi problems solved due to petite status). It had to do with the way they played the music. I’ve been listening to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers for years on the radio and it is wonderful when after all these years, the songs take on new meaning while in the company of great friends!

Festival season has begun! I would love to see your fashion festival outfits! Gracias Coachella for the wonderful memories and epic style inspiration!