Donut Worry, Be happy with Corey Lynn Calter for Anthro Petites

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Donut Worry, Be Happy because
Anthropologie Petites and Corey Lynn Calter have come together for petite and panza perfect attire!


Doughnuts Equal Panza
When I think of famous panzas…I think Homer Simpson gets a special premio (prize)– a gold medal for this one.

homersimpsondonutmachine(C) Credit: ‘The Simpsons’

Puchica! (Salvadoran caliche for Wow!) Look at that panza!

Since childhood I have watched the Simpsons, and what will forever be engrained in my memory is Homer Simpson’s doughnut obsession. It’s quite iconic really. I suppose Homer’s panza accomplishments are reassuring for the tanchi. I mean who can say no to a doughnut that’s elegant, scrumptious, and irresistibly good–looking, specifically the ones made by the #1 voted donut shop in LA Weekly?


They certainly can’t escape this tanchi or the tall and honorary tanchi that came with me to check out the new collection by Anthropologie Petites and meet Corey Lynn Calter herself! Rest assured all you panza lovers! Now with Corey Lynn Calter’s designs for petites, doughnuts are okay for tanchis, especially if they are the kind made by The Donut Snob.


With Laura – honorary tanchi to my left, and Stephanie – the tall to my right

If Marie Antoinette were alive today, she’d ditch the macaroons for the Donut Snob.
No snob can resist these! If you have never thought you’d find yourself “checking out” doughnuts – at Anthropologie’s Petite Shop in Santa Monica, California – you would have here. The presentation of it all had that special Anthropologie touch – the kind you drool over in their infamous catalogues, where you want everything in sight as you turn the pages of their wonderland (or walk in the store, really). Stacks of caramel, berries, sprinkles, and other delicious doughnut toppings were paired with some wine and bubbly – it was a great start to a monumental event in petite world! Anthropologie is now launching in 7 stores their petites line! Tanchis – were talking actual made-for-petite clothes in a store! Exciting times!


Although many historical critics have said Marie Antoinette never said to “Let them eat cake,” I’m sure at this occasion she would have said “Let them eat doughnuts” because now, tanchis, we can have our doughnut and eat it too. Be happy.

How so? With:

Panza Perfect Attire brought to you by Corey Lynn Calter
Meet Corey Lynn Calter, a designer who inherited a sewing machine from her grandfather, a tailor from Italy, and a sense of color from her mother, an interior designer. Corey’s been making her own clothes since her teenage years in Philadelphia. Nowadays, you can find her clothes in so many places featuring original prints, flattering cuts, and classic silhouettes. She’s also known for her maxis and jumpsuits – when I heard she was making exclusive petite clothing with long time collaborator Anthropologie – you can imagine the excitement that filled me!


The tall and the tanchi – looking down and looking up!


The tall and honorary tanchi meeting designer Corey Lynn Calter (center)

Tanchi Problems: Everything Fits, Mi Pobre Wallet
Everything I tried on fit. Everything. I mean everything – maxis, peplums, dresses you name it. Tanchis, with Anthro petites – our pobre (poor) wallets, but a win for our wardrobes! As fellow honorary tanchi, Laura, put it — now the problem we have as petites has changed. Now that everything fits – it’s like a whole new world has opened up to us where we can get fit and style at the same time. It’s what Aladdin and Jasmine must of felt like riding on the Magic Carpet.

IMG_4774 anthropologiepetites IMG_4786 IMG_4792

“A Whole New World”
Would you look at that: no panza. Boy, do I love a dress that can work that panza magic. Check out this Malmaison Petite Floral Dress ($198) – wearing a size 8. It’s a fantastic silk-tencel fabric with great hues for the floral print, a lady-like button up back, and a tailored silhouette that dares to use waist piping, yet doesn’t bring unwanted attention to the panza. This dress requires absolutely no alternations and I can see it easily becoming a staple in my closet! That’s right – no alternations. I’ve paired it with a swanky and very pretty burgundy velvet shoe that glitters light pink– these High Halls Pumps ($158) by Miss Albright are definite head turners!


Remember that with Corey Lynn Calter’s designs you get an original print, a flattering cut, and classic silhouette – well every garment passes the test. Check out these other garments by Corey Lynn Calter.

Can You Spot the Panza?
Wearing a size 10, very unique geometric print that almost never works on the tanchi body – but of course with the Hypatia Petite Corset Top ($118) – there is the ultimate exception. Nothing like power of a corset to make your panza oh so flattering!


Laura’s honorary tanchi status makes petiteness so in this season, wearing a wine colored Jeweled Arezzo Petite Maxi Dress ($298) – wearing a size 0. Love the zipper slit detail on the dress and POCKETS!


We seriously had to stop trying on clothes…

We Loved Everything!
It was a great event put together by the ladies at Anthropologie. They sure pulled out all the stops you can in catering scrumptious hor dourves such as lettuce wraps, bacon wrapped dates, pork sandwiches and so much more.

As part of the event, they also had a unique photo booth – reminiscent of the 15 ft black pillar in the film, ‘2001: Space Odyssey,’ making every photo look very cool without an Instagram filter which you could instantaneously text, Tweet, or email to yourself.



No filtering needed here, or as I always say, curating – the way of the tanchi. Anthro petites has taken away half the curating battle for us (the unpleasant ones) by addressing typical tanchi problems, and allowing us tanchis to enjoy curation for style’s sake and finding cuts that flatter. No filter needed to look fantastic, No settling here for tanchis with Anthro petites.

That’s a wrap at Anthropologie’s Petite Launch with Corey Lynn Calter.
La Bella Tanchi has been covering Anthropologie’s petite line infiltration into stores from the beginning, and you can expect more coverage on their growth. Catch more coverage on Anthropologie’s petite line in a pervious post, Que Yuca ser tanchi, until Anthro did petites!, and, A Tanchi’s Dream Jean; Meet Stevie. Anthropologie has been one of the leaders in offering petite apparel for women that strays away from historical experiences in department stores we’d rather leave in the past. So donut worry, tanchis, be happy! Looking forward to continuing coverage for more great events, collaborations, and fashion, which Anthropologie consistently delivers. Gracias Corey and Anthropologie – tanchis love you! (Even though our carteras (purses) may have a different opinion).

Get in The Great Gatsby Spirit with Anthropologie Petites!

Get your Gatsby on!

The Great Gatsby arrived on DVD yesterday! If you missed dressing up in bebe Gatsby attire for the premiere in theaters, here is your chance, tanchis (and honorary tanchis), to rekindle with the chaos and energy of the roaring 20s!

Bienvenidos to the Jazz Age

It was a time with a pulse, feverish stock exchange, speakeasies, notorious parties, glamour, and decadence — now you can  get your Gatsby on with Anthropologie Petites! Featured in this post is a curated (the way of the tanchi) selection just for you tanchis, while of course staying mindful of the panza needs (especially the shift dress selection). Keep in mind, the only dress pictured that is not officially available in petites is in the center — the Anna Sui ‘Maddalena’ sequined dress. However, I couldn’t resist centering it. It is my favorite of the dresses and such a beautiful, panza friendly garment! With the winter months approaching us, a white fur ‘Antarctique’ coat will be your best friend while being fashionably 20s. By putting on the perfect Gatsby inspired dress,  all you’ll need now is your pearls and your Charleston moves!

Special Gatsby Treat: Accessories and Shoes
Also curated for the Gatsby inspired tanchi are accessories! The last Gastby inspired post with bebe dresses was such a hit that I wanted to offer the 1920s tanchi accessories and shoes too. See below for fantastic clutches, hair accessories, and shoes for your Gatsby needs.

Get in the spirit and enjoy, tanchis! Play a little Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong to help you get in the Jazz Age mood! Adios!


Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Shimmer Channel Dress
Honeyed Lace Dress
Cameo Peplum Dress
Embroidered Tulle Petite Shell with Willa Petite Pencil Skirt
Maddalena Dress
Eclat Dress
Antarctique Jacket
Scalloped Shift Dress
Beaded Charon Dress
Byzantine Laced Sheath


Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Hair Accessories:
Deco Feather Clip
Crystalline Hair Ties
Deco Accent Hair Clip
Double Helix Headband
Safari Turban Headband

Shimmered Coin Clutch
Prancing Plumage Clutch
Fringed Fanfare Clutch
Symphony Clutch
Quinquina Embroidered Pouch
Glaslyn Leather Clutch
Cobalt Lucite Box Clutch

Hither T-Strap Pumps
Cava T-Straps

Orchid Links Necklace

Coming up next on La Bella Tanchi is more Gatsby! Wondering where to wear your Gatsby inspired attire? Part 2 of Breeders Cup at the Bobby Flay’s Taste of the World after party will show the perfect occasion to get your Gatsby on. It’s reminiscent of a Jay Gatsby party, and a post you don’t want to miss!


The Great Gatsby‘, 2013. (C) Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Que Yuca ser tanchi, until Anthro did petites!


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All the way from UK – The Carmen by Jeetly Petite

Wahoo! Royal Mail has arrived!


All the way from UK – The Carmen – I fell in love with the Carmen the moment I saw it at Jeetly Petite. I own a similar style in pink from bebe, but it’s not so great of a blouse for the workplace. You can always count on Jeetly, though, for your “This isn’t college anymore (or entry level)” wardrobe – not to mention I’m huge fan of their bold colors with bow ties!


Jeetly Petite is an emerging online petite retailer based out of the UK making quality petite apparel perfect for any tanchi’s workplace attire. They are perfect for the tanchi in her 20s – going from entry-level to mid-career professional. It’s that stage in your life when NY&Co. and fast-fashion isn’t cutting it anymore but your not in your 30s yet – ready for the Ann Taylor and Express fashions. Jeetly Petite garments have it all in quality– construction, style, material, and fit. It is a price point value worth every penny! Right now the Carmen and others are on sale – get them while you can! They truly live up theirs claims of being chic and classy, no tailoring necessary, giving a confident look, and using smart tailoring.


With Jeetly Petite, not only will you get a great product for it’s price but because they are garments made especially for petites – no alterations are required and the fit is impeccable on the tanchi body – especially the panza region. When the Carmen arrived, I didn’t have to wait to schedule my shoot until alteration were done because I put it on and it fit perfectly! Is this really happening?



It’s so lovely. The feminine details such as an oversized neck bowtie and the satin wrapped button on the cuffs. Such a marvelous piece to put on! A word of caution, though — as silky and soft as the garment is – it is also delicate. It absorbs body sweat easily and I highly recommend saving it for the Fall or Winter season.


For such a feminine piece – I paired it with a more masculine look, staying in line with Fall 2013 trends. To achieve the fem/masculine look I wore black high-waisted bebe trousers and white suspenders I got ages ago from Wet Seal.


Suspenders are a favorite accessory of mine to wear to the work place – very fashion forward, yet professional. And yet again, my go-to choice for fashion is bebe because it does everything right. They even make high-waisted pants that are fab in style and fit for the tanchi (even with a panza)!



For shoes I picked a slightly higher kitten heel high by Steve Madden – plain black closed toed heels. Topped off with accessories – an Anne Klein silver watch and bebe black and white purse – making for the complete “This isn’t College Anymore (or entry-level)” look.

I mean, a new dress doesn’t get you anywhere; it’s the life you’re living in the dress, and the sort of life you had lived before, and what you will do in it later.” – Diana Vreeland.

Vreeland and Jeetly Petite share this mindset- a garment is worth a thousand words and This isn’t college anymore so make sure to take care of the scrunchy bottom looks!. A Scrunch can make all the difference – keep it classy with smart tailoring (and in San Diego) – the only kind you’ll find at Jeetly Petite.


Shopping tips:
1. I purchased a size 14 (equivalent to a Large) in the Carmen because with petite apparel I always go one size up plus one more for UK and European companies.
2. The price for the Carmen plus delivery comes out to $65.54 in dollars. All pricing is in pounds but you can use Dollars2pounds to help convert.
3. You may get a fraud alert call from your credit card company if you have never purchased overseas.

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Live. Love. Surf. And don’t forget your J.Crew Rash guard to do it!

Always in the midst of adventures at home and beyond, I have found that there is no place like San Diego and Law Street in particular. I love exploring this town and by far my favorite place in the world is Law Street – a place that gives me all the clarity, beautiful sunset imagery, and surf a tanchi could ask for.


I love surfing and doing it at Law Street in Pacific Beach, San Diego. There is something about being in the water that makes the world seem that much better.

Diana Vreeland, former Editor-in-chief of Vogue (and more importantly life badass) described it perfectly,

“And to be a surfer! ah, between the sky and the water..”
“I’m mad about water, water is God’s tranquilizer”

It’s incredibly surreal to be out there sitting on your board waiting for a wave while watching the sunset as you look out onto the horizon. It doesn’t get more front seat than this. It’s one of two snapshots I haven’t managed to take – the other being the illumination of the stars while looking up at the night sky when camping.

LIFE functions as uber poetic in this moment everyday. It’s a LOVE for that moment, for the wave that’s coming – and when you catch it- you SURF it.

When surfing in San Diego’s cooler water temperatures – proper attire is required and I search far for my gear. In a previous post, Tanchi Hits the Surf, I presented a problem existing in the surf wear industry – a shortage of petite wetsuits available via powerhouse surf wear companies. I love my Billabong, Roxy, and Quicksilver. In fact, I practically live in surf fleeces, but there isn’t much you can do to alter a wetsuit and fix having excess fabric pockets, long sleeves and legs, and tighter pulls in certain areas.



My dream wetsuit would accommodate my 5’3″ height and beloved panza. Mafalda said it best when she said, si, se que debo perder peso, pero odio perder (Yes, I know I should lose weight, but I hate to lose). My core is going to require just a little more time than some others is all.

But until then, J.Crew came out with a rash guard made for a woman’s body. Although not a wetsuit- it’s a great alternative for when the waters warm up. Pair it with some board shorts and you’re good to go. Ecstatic, I had to try these out! And voila – like every other J.Crew garment – this gear is of top quality and great style! Tanchis, were getting closer and closer to having active and surf wear made for us!


The best thing about these rash guards is that because they are of quality construction – the bottom doesn’t’ roll up on my panza after getting tossed by a wave the way some of my other ones do. The material is a little thicker and the cut a little longer. The sleeves are still a bit too long but as I mentioned – we’re getting there. Check out J.Crew’s selection of sun shirts and rash guards for their newest styles. They are worth every penny! The two pictured here are no longer available, but I seized a small in the white and medium in the pinstriped one. The collection is continually growing and I’d recommend any for hitting up the waves!

Exciting times for the tanchi that surfs! Don’t worry Mafalda – no need for a bare chest when the waves swush!

Mafalda by Quino

‘Posh’ Party Time with San Diego Style Bloggers! (minus the Spice Girls)

Last Wednesday I attended a “Posh Party” put on by Poshmark at the W Hotel San Diego. Paulina, of Lil Bits of Chic, and other bloggers hosted and invited the San Diego Style Bloggers to join in on the fun. I love getting together with fellow fashion nerds to dress up and put on some heels on a Wednesday night! Fellow bloggers Bianca, Nahomi, and Nubry attended to enjoy the great hor dourves, cocktails, and fun props for photo opps on the Posh Party backdrop.


Posh Parties are thrown by Poshmark to get the word out about the app (not the Spice Girl). I love the Poshmark app and can’t wait to start using it! It’s a solution to my Buffalo exchange drama. Just last week I got turned down for an almost new pair of bebe signature black denim skinny jeans…are you serious?

Poshmark is a fun and simple way to buy and sell fashion. You get to shop the closets of fashionistas and sell your stuff as well. With my recent spring cleaning and ‘panza blasting mission,’ lots of clothing will be going up for sale soon! All very panza friendly fashionable garments being passed from one tanchi to another.

For the event, I wore a very panza friendly black dress by Forever 21 that came with a red leather skinny belt, black floral-print tights from Victoria Secret and black patent Steve Madden Maryjane heels. For accessories, a juicy couture silver chain link bracelet and of course, bebe stud earrings. I love this dress because it is one of the more slimming dresses I own. Surprisingly, this cut of dress is typically not very flattering on me. I saw a similar cut a year ago by American Apparel that I loved, their Cotton Spandex Jersey Double U-Neck Dress. This one was not very panza friendly, but the Forever 21 version is a heavier fabric that gives extra coverage. Just goes to show, not all petite friendly garments have to stick to the general rules such as A-line cuts. Thanks Forever 21!

Great night and great fashion! I met some new faces and can’t wait for more fun at the W Hotel. Thanks Paulina for hosting and Bianca for the photos! San Diego Style Bloggers and Poshmark, until we meet again!




Style inspired by San Diego’s Japanese Friendship Garden

This is the last of style from the Spring 2013 Zara look book series inspired by San Diego’s museum and art scene. Today’s feature is of the San Diego Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. Beautiful garden artwork and kimonos in Japanese style! Great day for a tanchi to take a walk in the park and work off the panza!

The new Summer 2013 Zara look book came out just days ago. I’m inspired already and can’t wait to curate more style! Curation is the tanchi way of life. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and style!