Pitches, Blogging, Networking, Emailing, Media Plans & Kits! These are a few of my favorite things.

Loved this tweet by Gregory Russell, winner of the tweeting competition (he is good), and fellow Fashion PR enthusiast with whom I got to #PRnerd it up at Fashion PR Con in NYC! Tanchis be going places! #SiSePuede


It was the ultimate meeting of the #PRNerds with some of the most amazing girls in the industry hosting, Crosby Noricks and Danika Daly. Bringing together aspiring publicists from all over the country and world, I am incredibly grateful I was among those in attendance.


Photo Credit: Alexandra Dimichino

What is Fashion PR Con?
It is straight up Chevere (awesome). It’s perfect any for aspiring publicist-in-the-making, especially in their “This Isn’t College Anymore” stage in life (for near post college, post college, and post entry-level professionals). Fashion PR Confidential is the first of its kind. It’s a two-day workshop unlocking the secrets of fashion PR. This year it took place at WE CREATE NYC. I really recommend this experience to anyone aspiring to be a publicist in fashion.


As a career jumper, not pursing the grad school route to do it, finding networks and participating in professional development of this kind is essential for success. Fashion PR Con provides the ultimate crash course with practical tips and know-hows for working in the industry. Just remember to bring your flats for the 8 flights of stairs to climb! Que Yuca! …but it’s so worthwhile.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Dimichino

What Happens at Fashion PR Con?
Absolutely everything– accomplishing a great deal in one weekend! We created mini PR plans on day 1, working with groups of great minds who all think alike. We all brought a variety of perspectives and skills, and were able to make great connections including with a fellow San Dieagan, Angelina, and Tatiana from Canada. We came from SD to NYC! Represent!


On day 2 we got personal one-on-one feedback on our crafted pitches, participated in a speed networking round, and learned from the wise in the industry – including editor, Julia Rubin from Teen Vogue,Jinna Boo of the fantastic fashion blog, Grease and Glamour and publicist at Club Monaco, and finally a digital PR guru from The Row, Ruthie Friedlander. Did I mention there were cupcakes involved? The panza got the love from Megs Sweet Treats!


What I wore to Fashion PR Con: Professional Attire from Anthropologie
Networking events and professional development opportunities are important for growth in any career. In fact, Ruthie Friedlander advised us to “stay at a job as long as you are still learning, when you’ve stopped…you’re quitting.” I really enjoy conferences and workshops actually; it is the lifelong learner in me.

When attending, I make sure to dress for the occasion, not only because I love it, but because there is something powerful about dress and overall presentation. In a previous post, on professional attire in the teaching industry, Trendy Teachers what we can learn from Obama, I share how I’d like to put part of the blame on the way teachers dress as reason to why we are so underpaid and undervalued. Sounds harsh, but Julia Rubin’s comment of “be professional so editors take you and your clients seriously“, really struck a chord with me for this reason. Although Julia purposed this in the context of email etiquette to an editor, professionalism is important when dressing, especially for the Fashion PR career – style is a uniform. For the fellow tanchinistas, here is how I curated style – the tanchi way:


I wore Anthropologie.
I love my Anthropologie, there is no secret there. They are one of the leading petite apparel offerings for tanchis and have an endless array of panza friendly attire. I wore a pair of High Halls Pumps by Miss Albright in a wine color suede with glittery light pink sparkles – a perfect height for the business occasion and just the right amount of glitz to be able to wear to a “business casual” event. Since I wore a fun shoe, I paired it with more neutral tones and conservative attire. I wore black bebe (of course) Kristie pants (size 10), a similar pair is the Petite Dania Skinny Pant. Finally, a petite size M, Striped Candence Top – or as I like to call my peter pan collared Chanel-like top that I have worn numerous times since purchasing. In fact, I previously wore this very outfit to an Anthropologie Petite Shop event with designer Corey Lynn Calter. I have no shame in repeating an outfit – in fact I embrace it with my mantra of “less is more.” I love when I get the most use I can out of an outfit. I find that with Anthropologie attire you get longevity and versatility in most of their garments.

Why I went to Fashion PR Con
“Coupled with a big yucky fear that I didn’t look right (read: wasn’t thin/pretty enough) or have the right connections/confidence to play the part of aspiring fashion editor in New York City meant that I only applied to college in California. I went to the one that offered me the most scholarship money, but no classes in fashion, advertising, marketing, nada.” -Crosby Noricks, from Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR

When I read that upon the first pages of Crosby Norick’s book (which by the way every aspiring fashion PR girl has to read this!), I was hooked. She essentially called out the invisible script I’d been playing in my head for years and now that I have “outgrown my old script,” I can’t believe how freeing the experience has been and how incredibly hard the growth was. All thanks to the personal finance guru I follow and his ideas on “invisible scripts” – Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach you To Be Rich.

What’s Personal Finance got to do with Fashion PR Dreams?
One of my favorite bloggers and thought leaders is Ramit Sethi. He writes about personal finance, but really so much more. I discovered his blog about 2 years ago and it dramatically changed my life. By applying what I call “Ramitting,” I’ve been able to negotiate credit card APR rates, create a budget for blogging, and most recently, conquer ‘invisible scripts’ to pursue a career in fashion and lifestyle PR.

What are Invisible Scripts?
An invisible script is an assumption that is so baked in to how you view the world and your choices that you don’t even question it. It often involves an inner voice telling you what you should do, need to do, or can’t do

Ramit writes about invisible scripts in his blog post, The Invisible Scripts that Guide Our Life. Beliefs are pre-written by our societal values and my invisible script is much like that of Crosby Noricks’ story and not feeling adequate to be a PR Girl. Needless to say, I read every page of the text with great conviction.

I Thought the Dream was Completely Out of Reach.
The most important lesson I learned from my career experience is that I choose not to pursue “fashion passions” (Kelly Cutrone would kill for the use of such a phrase) because I was afraid I would be seen as selfish and superficial for leaving such important work (teaching)- work that makes a difference in this world. In fact, I would hide my Kelly Cutrone books and lock the door when I read them during my convent days in my teacher service program. But here I am, a graduate of Fashion PR Confidential and making my way in the Fashion PR world with panza and all.


Hashtag #FashionPrCon
Follow the hashtag ‪#fashionprcon for great info, insights, + pics! Wishful thinking, but wish I was still waking up to attend another day of ‪Fashion PR Con this morning! Some of my favorite takeaways were the digital workbook, and great swag bag with goodies from Tattly Designy Temporary Tattoos, Pretty Please Nail Polish, Rifle Paper CoJamberry NailsTeen Vogue, and PR Couture.


There is a God
Hearing the success stories of Danika Daily and Crosby Noricks was the best. Muchisimas Gracias to these ladies and to Ruthie Friedlander for the 101 on digital PR and metrics, Julia Rubin for the inside scoop on how to get an editor to love you, and Jinna Boo for insights on how to work with bloggers. Just so you know Ruthie thinks, “It’s so sexy when a girl can code”, Julia “has a lot of feelings about emails,” and Jinna believes “there is a God” when you get your first big break as blogger. Loved it all, Hasta Luego Tanchis!


“Things Can Only Get Better” – Cedric Gervais, La Bella Tanchi is back!

I love electronic music and even moreso taking up Cedric’s song title as my mantra as La Bella Tanchi returns from a hiatus.

Listen to “Things Can Only Get Better” by Cedric Gervais on Sound Cloud

Lately, I’ve been Charlie Browning it

charlie brown-football
Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz

Charlie Browning because Mafalda being an Argentine comic, doesn’t do football comics – only fútbol.

Quite literally, I’ve been steering clear from footballs and any other objects coming at full velocity in my direction. I have had the bizarre misfortune of getting hit with a football, causing all sort of unpleasant symptoms for this tanchi. Head injuries are NO BUENO and I definitely owe Mama Sonia big time.

The great news is that this tanchi is doing well and is alive and kicking again. I’m back in fashion blogger mode, writing all sorts of notes via post-its for La Bella Tanchi. My wall and desk look like rainbows of post-its. I love post-its (especially my Hello Kitty ones).


I love blogging and recently got some new gadgets to help with “micro-blogging” my ‘tanchi adventures’ on the quest for petite attire that works for panzas too. Even though my hiatus caused a small delay of posting about October events, La Bella Tanchi’s social media platforms are great way to stay in the know and get your tanchi needs solved!

Get plugged in and send #Hashtag love
Don’t forget to follow me via Twitter at @LaBellaTanchi, Instagram @labellatanchi, and follow on Facebook. Pinterest is possibly in the works, but in the mean time, good ol-fashion e-mail following is great way to stay up to date. If you haven’t been receiving your e-mails via the blog and you’re a Gmail user, a mere dragging La Bella Tanchi e-mails from the Promotions folder to Primary will do the trick.

Coming up on La Bella Tanchi
In the next weeks you can look forward to a 2-part series on Breeders Cup, a behind-the-scenes look into Christine A. Moore’s millinery studio, L.A. Fashion week, Fashion Week San Diego, Anthropologie Petite’s collaboration with designer Cory Lynn Calter, Jet-Setting essentials in Philly, Lucky Fabb and Fashion PR Con recaps, and a great treat of brining back more Gatsby inspired content. I’m sure I’m missing a few, and I’ll get the urge to blog other topics that inspire me to share useful tips for tanchis. Stay Tuned!

Dear Readers….Sincerely Tanchi
As La Bella Tanchi continues to grow and gain traction, I want to take a moment to express gratitude for all those that have helped with journey, read a post, taken a photograph, been dragged to events, covered in press, given feedback, written comments, showed the love via social media, and continue to support this project. Especially during this challenging time, Aimster you’ve been magnanimous at catching all my undotted i’s and uncrossed t’s, plus being the very best honorary tanchi a tanchi could ask for. I’m excited for what is coming this way and expect to see great collaborations and new faces and old on La Bella Tanchi.

Over and out! Much love from this tanchi for her readers and her panza too.

We shorties unite! Celebrating fashion birthdays with La Gambita!

Finding other tanchis and honorary tanchis (petites minus the panza) with #shortyproblems (Caroline’s go-to hashtag) brings me so much happiness. These are people who get what it is like to have tanchi problems:


Spending hours making the rounds in our various departments doing this:


Living the life of a tanchi requires refined curation techniques. Last week I got together with Caroline, the owner for the online petite apparel shop Gambita in Christopher Square, New York City.


Gambita is of my favorite start-ups in petite apparel. When I first discovered her shop, I noticed that all her garments for sale were panza plus tanchi friendly! I knew I had stumbled upon a master curator – it isn’t easy putting together a collection like this.

Coming up on La Bella Tanchi, I’ll be featuring some of my favorite items from the shop. Items perfect for neon in the workplace and a day to night curation – perfect for the working girl who likes to wear more than just the corporate uniform!

One of my favorite features of the Gambita shop is that it is more than just a destination for petite apparel. It’s a shopping experience where you really understand what you’re buying. Petite apparel has had such a bad rap for the last decades. I still remember going through racks upon racks with my Mama Sonia looking for something decently in style and fitting in department store petite sections. Petites sections are not my go-to choice for a last minute outfit – or really any outfit for that matter. “Petite” is not something I’ve wanted to affiliate with and if you’re not in denial like me, you might not even know you’re a petite. However, Gambita has fancy pie charts showing the truth – you just might be a petite and not even know it.


Approximately 85% of Latina women are petite according to Carolina’s super mathematical skills, calculated from the numbers reported on the U.S. Census.

Gambita’s shop is hub for great petite apparel, but also provides a place to learn about the petite woman, how to dress her, and the petite industry. I can’t wait to feature more on Caroline and her inspiration for the shop in the next post. She started off her company just this past January which is also when La Bella Tanchi kicked off. We share fashion birthdays! And, not to mention, petitie woes. We talked for hours on issues of being petite and can’t wait to feature more posts on the great discussion we had!

For our get together, I wore an Charleston Henley Peasant Blouse featured in a previous Treehouse Swiss family Robinson Attire post. Caroline – a tottering 4’9, wore a great basic grey T-shirt available in black and white at her shop! The T-shirt is the perfect fit for her! Even something so simple as t-shirt can be a rarity to find for petites. I’m enamored with plain white and black t-shirts and the closest I’ve come to finding a great fit is American Apparel. However, sometimes with curves an XL can still feel snug after shrinkage.



Here we are being so fashionable in our petite-friendly finds in the middle of rainstorm in NYC. Under a tiny umbrella, with no luck for hailing a cab or uber car, our only option was to run two blocks to the nearest subway station. Where are the hunter boots when you need them? Running through intersections with power outages, we couldn’t have been more ill prepared for the weather conditions. However, we were sure ready for a wet-t-shirt contest on the delayed subway during rush hour! Don’t think I’ve ever been so soaked from rain before. Another level!


Rain or shine, we shorties unite! To learn more about Gambita in the meantime, Carol of Petite Style Online featured her in a great interview post! Find out all the rage about Gambita! Can’t wait to feature the great clothes and her vision!

Thanks for the graphics Caroline!

What is “Tanchi?”


Con la tanchi original – Tia Daisy

Were an Orgullosumente (proud) lineage of tanchis.

Tanchi emerged from my dear tia Daisy who my Papa Santos nicknamed years ago because she is so small. In Spanish, tanchi is short for ‘tan chiquitia’ and is slang for ‘very small one.’ In reference to being petite.

When I told my Mama Sonia about my idea to start this blog, she immediately began to tell me her woes with the life of being a tanchi.  “Oh Mija, when I go to the department stores, I don’t like the clothes, there’s often such a limited selection and also ugly.” La Bella Tanchi was inspired by the women in my family.

As the Tallest in my Family

I stand at a towering 5’3 with about a size 6/8. My Mama Sonia is 4’11, and Tia Daisy is 4’9 (she swears 5’0). We’re not exactly the industry protype – that is 6’4 and no curves allowed. I very proud of my roots and for being sassy and curvatious! Nevertheless, it still qualifies me for being a petite and makes shopping and dressing myself a challenging endeavor.

The Importance of Being Tanchi (or Earnest)

The Importance of Being Earnest, A Trivial Comedy for Serious People is a play by Oscar Wilde inspiring this blog’s voice by Tanya Rivas.  It unveils, The Importance of Being Tanchi, A Trivial Spanglish Comedy for Serious Tanchis (who want great style for their bodies). As much as I love my seamstress, Mrs. Lee, I didn’t expect to have to budget for alterations as much as I do. I drop a fortune in making clothes look right or spend hours looking for clothes for my short, curvy body. I also didn’t expect to meet so many other petite women that shared the distress I have, or find great products and companies that are branching to cater to us women. This blog celebrates tanchiness and the tales of how we make it in this world, to share our woes and create a hub stop in dressing the la bella tanchi mujer. Thanks for reading and hope you stay tuned!