Tanchi, Panza, Curation – is the tanchi way, what does it all mean? Who is that little girl cartoon that pops up from time to time? You’ve come to the right place to get in the know with ‘Tanchi-Isms.”

Welcome to the world of Spanglish and Tanchinish. Get familiar with the the La Bella Tanchi’s Caliche (Lingo) here:

What is ‘tanchi?’

What is a ‘panza?’

What is an “honorary tanchi?”

What is ‘Curation – the tanchi way?’ (Coming Soon)

What does ‘está bien yuca’ or ‘que yuca mean? 

Who is that girl cartoon? Meet Mafalda. (Coming Soon)

What is “huácala”? (Coming Soon)

Don’t forget to tune in to a tanchi’s world and get insight on ‘typical tanchi problems. Some of the highlights:

Scrunchy Bottom Look

Sleeves Too Long

Safety Pin Rescue for Alteration Binds

Too Short To See at Concerts – 3-inchers are a Must 

And many more!

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